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Get rid of your belly by following these 5 easy steps

              You are not the first nor the last who has proposed to remove the beer belly and has not succeeded In any way. Lack of perseverance in the gym, mistakes with training or not eating correctly are the main impediments. But there are more factors such as not spending too much time like cardio or getting enough sleep. So today it’s time to review some basic tips to say goodbye to the belly and the love handles of the waist.

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              Kingnutrition I WANT IT!

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              Get rid of your belly by following these 5 easy steps

              1- Prioritize multi-joint exercises: for example the deadlift, squats or CrossFit snatchs.

              2- Do exercises of a few minutes but at a high intensity: choose good HIIT routines:

              3- Increase the weekly frequency of your workouts: but rested enough so that the muscle grows with the rest; for example, don’t train your abs every day.

              4- Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated all day: at least a liter of water a day.

              5- Design your diet in detail and prioritize protein consumption: a good balance of carbohydrates and good fats, and a minimum of 1.5 gram of protein for each kilo of body weight.

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