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Greeicy and Lina Tejeiro made more than one laugh with a particular dance: they collided with their buttocks

Greeicy and Lina Tejeiro went to a wedding and did not miss an opportunity to make their followers laugh.

Greeicy Rendon ten years of friendship with Lina Tejeiro and together they have been in the worst moments of the other. They met in a project and since then no one has separated them. The actresses have shared in their networks how united they are and that the distance does not matter, there they encourage each other to get ahead.

Recently, Rendon and Tejeiro They were invited to a wedding, clearly the images and videos of these two characters could not be missing. They went up one in particular, where they were dancing very strange and caused laughter among netizens. Because with their very elegant dresses, they took their forbidden steps, they even collided their ‘bottoms’ and joined their pelvis.

The interpreter of ‘Tus besos’ also revealed that she was very happy and danced with saschafitness, who also stole all eyes.

Everything was a complete show and of course, if the women were more cute in those pictures. Netizens couldn’t help but comment and were even surprised by those steps that were ‘thrown away’.

“We all saw Sascha”, “Sascha and greeicy…. I melt“, “Greecy transmits a lot of joy”, “Together the two most beautiful women“, “He defined body of Greeicy”“These are the bodies we deserve”, “How lucky it is to have a good friend .. Divine”, “I love that beautiful friendship they have”, among other messages.

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Published: 2023-07-09

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