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For many people, exercising has become an essential habit in their day to day. The doing exercise It represents a way to maintain the vitality and well-being that is needed to develop different activities. That is why the Ultimate Fitness team offers an alternative to avoid any excuse and exercise without the need to leave home.

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First of all, you must identify a free space at home. It can be the guest room, perhaps an environment that is in disuse, or similar, as long as there is a special area for routines.

After identifying the precise space, it is important that you acquire the correct furniture to develop the exercise routines according to your objectives. The list recommended by the experts is quite varied and includes machines to meet all objectives.

Bench Exercise Multifunction Press 70 Pro

You will be able to perform exercises such as bench press, abdominals, legs, biceps and different exercises with dumbbells with which you will be able to work your muscle groups.

It all depends on the intensity, frequency and volume with which you choose to do your training.

Z110 Pro Spinning Bike.

Abdominal Cruncher Machine – 5 Min Shaper

It has adjustable difficulty levels to adapt to your needs and progress.

It will help tone and define your abs without losing track of your progress, thanks to the fact that it has a screen that shows information on time, repetitions and calories burned.

Z110 Pro Spinning Bike

This bike has a flywheel ideal to withstand the most rigorous workouts, in addition to its precision resistance adjustment, so you can adjust while pedaling, and steel brakes.

Likewise, you can measure your heart rate through the pulse sensors integrated into each handle, in addition to the built-in monitor that also shows you speed, distance, time and calories.

Z110 Pro Spinning Bike.

12 kg dumbbell set

Unlike exercise machines, where the jumps between loads are larger, dumbbells allow us to progress gradually according to our needs.

You can use them in aerobic routines, integrate them into Pilates, for toning, or add them to classic routines to add difficulty. This set will provide you with maximum comfort, as they are covered in non-slip neoprene, which gives you safety and comfort in the grip.

12 kg dumbbell set.

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