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Hacks To Gain Inner Peace

With all the *gestures around vaguely* happening these days, finding inner peace can feel as elusive as “getting a full eight hours of sleep” or “getting cheap tickets to the Eras Tour.” But elusive does not mean impossible, friends, and that’s where these tips come in. 

Use the below list as a guide. 

Some are easy, some a little more involved (don’t worry, we’ve got extra tips for those), and all will help you boost your happiness and create a well of inner calm to draw from during life’s chaotic moments. 


Noticing your negative self-talk. Recognizing it allows you to take steps to stop these thought patterns and cultivate more self-compassion

Making a list of things you love about yourself.
It sounds cheesy, but there is lots of power in positive thinking. 

Doing yoni massages: Yup, these are a thing—and they can help you connect with yourself and find areas that need attention or healing. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Putting a time limit on tasks.
Control who and what you give your time to. 

Getting in touch with nature. Kick off your shoes and get in contact with the earth. Grounding has been shown to help improve sleep and reduce stress and pain. 


Trying to fix people. See also: trying to change people. 

Giving your time to energy vampires. Need some help? We’ve got tips from a self-love coach and therapist right here

Excusing toxic behavior. We know this can be very challenging, even though toxic relationships negatively affect your overall health. Here are some ways to recognize toxic behavior and set boundaries

Overthinking. It happens to the best of us. But remember, ruminating doesn’t do any good! This can create negative thought patterns and affect our day to day. If your anxious overthinking is in relation to a crush, click here. And this is what helps our wellness editor stop her thoughts from spiraling out of control.

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