Happy birthday, Alia Bhatt! Here are the stunner’s fitness secrets

Happy birthday, Alia Bhatt! Here are the stunner’s fitness secrets

Mar 15, 2023, 06:10 am
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Here’s wishing Alia Bhatt a very happy birthday

The Student of the Year debutant turns 30!

It’s no secret that one of Bollywood’s most adorable female actors and powerhouse of talent Alia Bhatt is a fitness freak.

After all, from burpees to squats, the diva loves to take the Highway to her fitness goals.

As she turns a year older today, let’s check out what keeps her fit as a fiddle.

Bhatt is extremely regular with her fitness regimen

There are hardly any off days in Bhatt’s fitness regimen, irrespective of her schedule or injuries.

“Shooting nights can be very tiring for the body because of the way it messes with your natural body clock. I woke up today feeling so exhausted. But, after monkeying around and doing some intense Pilates, my energy level just shot up,” she shared on Instagram.

Bhatt pushes through fatigue for fitness

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She performs a combination of Pilates, yoga, and weight training

The Raazi protagonist loves to keep herself fit at all times. And for that, she performs a workout that is a mix of Pilates, yoga, and weight training.

On certain days, her sessions also include core-strengthening exercises and kickboxing, which helps her practice variations and try new formats.

The actor loves to inspire her fans on Instagram with snapshots from her gym sessions.

Bhatt’s inspirational weight loss transformation

For her debut as Shanaya in Student of the Year, Bhatt had to undergo a tremendous weight loss journey.

As per reports, the actor lost 20 kg, for which he had spent a lot of time at the gym.

Sohrab Khushrushahi, her former fitness trainer, revealed that the star did a combination of exercises including HBT, back squats, Jefferson Curls, Sumo Deadlifts, and more.

The ‘Brahmastra’ star loves to mix and match workout forms

One of the many things that keep Bhatt motivated in her fitness regimen is to not do the same exercises every day.

During an interview, she once said, “I’ve always believed routine is boring. And while you need to be boring at times to see results, I love mixing up the workouts,”

While she’s a Pilates fan, she loves HIIT equally.

She loves gorging on seasonal fruits and organic veggies 

For Bhatt, fitness is an amalgamation of exercise and food.

As per reports, the actor consumes jowar (sorghum) during the summer season, bajra (pearl millets) in the winter, and naachni-raagi (finger millets) during the monsoon.

Seasonal fruits, organic vegetables, and eggs are always a part of her diet.

Reports further convey that she also enjoys herbal teas, lassi, and chhaas.

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