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“He complained of a pain in his neck”: the German bodybuilding guru died at the age of 30

Bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner, also known as “Joesthetics”, died from an aneurysm. The young German was 30 years old and had a successful presence on social media.

Also known as the “German guru of fitness”, Lindner had 8.4 million followers on Instagram. Its content was focused on her workouts at the gym and also explained what her training regimen was.

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The person in charge of making the announcement was his girlfriend Nicha, a Thai bodybuilder and personal trainer. From her Instagram account (@immapeaches), she wrote an emotional message in which she told the followers of both that her boyfriend had passed away: “He (Lindner) He died Friday of an aneurysm. I was with him in the room, we were huddled together waiting for 4:00 p.m. to meet Noel in the gym. It all happened so fast,” he recounted.

The young influencer had complained of neck pain days before his death. (Photo: Instagram @joesthetics)

Nicha also detailed that the influencer had complained of neck pain just three days earlier. “Right now, I can’t write much more”, he expressed. Likewise, he described him as a “sweet, kind, loyal, strong and ‘believer of all'” man.

His girlfriend, Nicha, confirmed his death. (Photo: Instagram @immapeaches)

In the midst of your pain asked fans to always remember him as “Joesthetics” for their dedication and commitment to encourage others on the healthy path.

Lindner published his training routines, among other content related to healthy living. (Video: Instagram @joesthetics)

“Rest in peace Joe. I love you man,” fellow fitness fanatic Noel Deyzel wrote on Instagram. “I’m still checking my phone waiting for his response so we can meet at the gym”, he wrote in a longer message. “I’m broken brother. You opened your arms to us, you showed us a lot about life and social media.” He also added: “His generosity of him towards me and towards others will always accompany me.”

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Lindner’s close friend, Joseph Shulkin, he wrote that the bodybuilder had inspired him and millions. “You did a lot for the community, you had the best energy and the kindest soul,” he said.

In Lindner’s latest social media post, he detailed his latest fitness efforts after taking a year off from intensive bodybuilding.

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