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Health Wellness Carrie Jose tips for managing debilitating vertigo

“Vertigo” is the sudden onset of dizziness, spinning and nausea that often stops you in your tracks without any visible signs or warning. If you’ve ever experienced vertigo, then you know the debilitating effects it can have on your daily life and ability to work. For those that haven’t experienced vertigo – it can be difficult to explain. Your co-worker will never understand why you missed that deadline.

Your boss won’t understand why you had to miss work for the past three days. All because for 72 hours, the room has been spinning on and off, and you couldn’t spend more than five minutes reading on your computer before you felt the vertigo coming back on.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of suffering from vertigo is the unknown. By definition, vertigo is a symptom that occurs due to a miscommunication between your vestibular system (responsible for balance and spatial orientation) and your brain’s interpretation of those signals. When the signals are mismatched – the result is vertigo – that awful, uncontrollable sensation of spinning or dizziness.

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