HIIT Training: Nutrition for More Power

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is what many athletes take into account one of the simplest ways to get in form and drop a few pounds. The excessive depth intervals increase metabolism and stimulate fats burning. A balanced, nutritious diet is vital for optimum outcomes. We’ll inform you what to eat earlier than a HIIT exercise and after.

What is HIIT coaching?

The title says all of it: High-intensity interval coaching alternates phases of intense train with quick restoration intervals. This makes you sweat quite a bit. Many athletes take into account this anaerobic coaching the best approach to enhance endurance.

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT exercises provide a mess of advantages. They are nice for cardiovascular well being, wonderful calorie burners, and enhance your efficiency in different sports activities. Find out extra in our weblog publish Top 6 HIIT Benefits.

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What to Eat Before HIIT and Afterward

What to eat earlier than a HIIT exercise 

Do you prefer to exercise on an empty stomach within the morning? HIIT is among the finest methods to burn energy and scale back physique fats.(1) If you are feeling robust, there’s no motive why you’ll be able to’t work out earlier than breakfast. However, keep in mind that you want carbs to maintain going throughout your exercise. They provide the vitality you want to push your self. If you don’t eat earlier than figuring out, your efficiency and stamina will probably endure.(2

Have a high-carb snack just a few hours earlier than your HIIT exercise: 

  • banana and a handful of nuts 
  • oatmeal with almond milk, berries, and nuts
  • granola bar
  • toast with pure nut butter or avocado
  • smoothie

Remember to hydrate!

Always preserve a bottle of water inside attain throughout your exercises. HIIT makes you thirsty. You don’t want sports activities drinks to hydrate successfully.

Did you recognize? Coffee before a workout can increase your efficiency.(3) An espresso (with out milk or sugar) provides you a pure increase. 

What to eat after a HIIT exercise 

Focus on restoration after your HIIT coaching. Have one thing to eat inside an hour after your exercise to restore the broken muscle tissue and refill your glycogen shops.(4) Your focus after HIIT needs to be on protein, however make certain to mix it with carbohydrates:

  • veggie omelet with a slice of whole-grain bread 
  • protein smoothie
  • Greek yogurt with berries 
  • sautéed hen or tofu with oven-roasted candy potatoes 


There are many advantages of HIIT exercises. You’ll get essentially the most out of your coaching should you give your physique the vitality it wants to actually discover your limits. The proper vitamin helps you carry out your finest throughout HIIT coaching and helps your muscle tissues throughout restoration. Give your self the precise gas to work arduous and really feel nice!


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