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How to improve your physical resistance in less than a month

Beyond the aesthetic goals you want to achieve –losing your belly or getting defined biceps, for example–, improving physical resistance is the basis for feeling better and leading a healthy life. So that we understand each other, having a good physical resistance will have an impact on your day to day. If you are one of those who is short of breath after climbing some stairs or running after the bus, you need work your resistance, doing so you will get many benefits: “improves the respiratory system, strengthens the heart making it more efficient, mainly activates fat metabolism (depending on the intensity) and we will feel that we recover faster in general even in our strength training”, as he explains Fran del Aguilatechnical director of JG Fitness. We have spoken with him so that he can tell us everything about how to achieve optimal physical resistance and together with the experts of Club Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa We will discover which exercises are appropriate and how long it takes to see results.

What is physical resistance?

As the technical director of JG Fitness explains, “endurance is one of the physical capacities, which allows us to withstand efforts for long periods of time, helping us to endure the fatigue that this effort causes”. In order to increase it, it is essentialdevelop the ability to perform physical exercises that involve the large muscle groups of the body”the experts at The Metropolitan tell us, “at a moderate intensity and for a long period of time, which will greatly strengthen the heart, the most important muscle in the body that increases cardiovascular capacity.

If we practice sports, are we already working on physical resistance?

It depends on the sport we do, but in the vast majority of sports this capacity is trained since cso they all include aerobic efforts, details Fran del Águila from JG Fitness and gives us an example: “By doing strength exercises we do train resistance since our muscles, although they work for a short time, are making great efforts that need to raise the heart rate, even occasionally so that enough blood reaches the muscles used. It would be something similar to interval training with very short times”.

Does age influence when it comes to achieving results?

JG Fitness expert claims that this It is one more factor to take into account, but it also explains that it is not decisive to improve or not. “It is true that at an older age our maximum oxygen consumption decreases, so we will not have the same potential that we would have at 18 years of age. But for this reason it is even more important to work on our resistance as the years go by and the more trained we are, the less difference there will be with when we were younger”, he explains.

What kind of exercises help to improve physical resistance?

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To optimize our cardiovascular capacity, it is essential to introduce cardiovascular conditioning into the training routine through aerobic activities that raise the heart rate. To make your task easier, the fitness experts from Club Metropolitan give us some examples of trainings:


One of the most complete exercises and one that does not need any material to practice it, so it is within the reach of anyone, although it is also one of the most difficult to start practicing. The advisable thing to do: set plausible goals. The use of the heart rate monitorit can be of great help to control the work to be done, go for a run with gentle rhythms in a range of 130 to 150 beats per minutelook for short intervals of 1 to 5 minutes running – 1 to 2 minutes walking to recover, can be a good alternative to start; choose the right route correctly, you can flatten to maintain a steady heart rate, but you can also go up and down small inclines to further stimulate your body, getting that heart rate up on the climbs and recovering on the descents. For the development of your practice you have to activate the vast majority of your muscles, and for this your pulmonary and cardiovascular system will also improve.

2. The Biocircuit system

This is a system developed by the experts at The Metropolitan that consists of developing a custom circuit with a predefined time that includes all the necessary elements so that you soon get a muscle activation and with it your goals. It is made up of equipment that combines cardiovascular and strength exercises, working all muscle groups.


It’s about a high intensity training, which improves our cardiovascular system, accelerates metabolism, and if you practice it regularly, it not only works while training is in progress, but also afterwards. However, it must be taken into account that it is a demanding activity with certain risks and that is why good supervision is recommended so that we learn to perform the exercises correctly.
In addition, to burn fat effectively and increase our muscles, it activates the cellular mitochondria that are the main producers of energy. It has been proven that it produces improvements in hypertensive people since it helps to regulate tension, and in type 2 diabetic people, improving their sensitivity to insulin.

4.HBX Boxing

This practice that takes place in the gyms of The Metropolitan the main techniques of martial arts such as Kick Boxing or MMA are combined (Mixed Martial Arts) no contact with the best music, managing to develop aerobic exercise with another that enhances strength and physical resistance. the practice of this discipline reduces the risk of injury, increases fitness, improves respiratory and cardiovascular health and accelerates the burning of calories, among others. Thanks to the requirement of an aerobic capacity and powerful blood circulation, it improves cardiovascular and respiratory health.

5. The exercise bike

The exercise bike is widely used by beginners especially for those who want to work mainly the lower body. This exercise basically consists of a cardiovascular and aerobic activity that takes place on an exercise bike that can be both horizontal and vertical, and that adapts to the level of each person. You can practice it at your own pace or in directed classes such as Cycling or Spinning.

How long can we get to increase physical resistance?

This will always vary, depending on each person, the weekly frequency and the type of exercises we do, clarifies the JG Fitness expert, although it is normal to observe changes in physical resistance between the initial 2 and 6 weeks if we take training seriously. Or even before, says technical director Fran del Águila, “We can see improvements already in the first week, since someone who is a beginner improves quite quickly at first during the first months, then the improvements are slower as the person becomes more experienced”.

What is the recommended frequency?

It depends on the objective we seek, but in general to improve our physical shape and resistance we should train between 2-4 days per week, even 5 in advanced people, says the JG Fitness expert.

Should I continue training over the summer?

We must continue training in summer, advises Fran del Águila, but we must take into account the high temperatures and Avoid making long or intense efforts in the hottest hours. “If we have a gym it will be much better since we will not be exposed to high temperatures, if we are not that lucky, the best time is in the morning or in the evening when temperatures begin to drop; that’s when we can go for a walk, jog or do our interval training. It doesn’t matter if your training is not perfectbut at least you will be able to maintain your current physical condition during the summer” and he recommends that, yes, maintain good hydration and not go overboard with meals.

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