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how to keep your hair brush clean

My hair has been lengthy for so far as I can keep in mind. And due to that, I want utilizing hair brushes to combs as they take away tangles with out tugging my hair an excessive amount of. Now, this would possibly sound actually disgusting to you however I’ve solely begun cleansing my hair brushes a few years in the past. I didn’t clean them beforehand not as a result of I’m a disgusting and unhygienic girl, however as a result of I had no concept we have been supposed to clean them. So I’ve all the time simply changed my hair brushes with new ones every time they appeared outdated and soiled.

It began with a sudden cleansing urge
The concept of cleansing hair brushes got here to me once I was cleansing my toilet and I observed the underside of my toothbrush trying a little bit soiled. Horrified, I threw it away and bought a brand new one however it bought me interested by my hair brush. Well, hair brushes have bristles too, and I don’t precisely exchange them that ceaselessly. So out of curiosity, I took a particularly close-up take a look at my hair brush. Thankfully, it wasn’t as soiled as I had anticipated, however it had some material and lint caught to the underside of the bristles, and I imagine a ton of lifeless pores and skin too.

Using a toothbrush to do the trick
I used to be actually clueless as to how to go about cleansing my hair brush, so the very first thing I did was rinse it underneath faucet water whereas working my fingers as exhausting as I might via the bristles. And this was after I’ve eliminated all of the remaining hair that was additionally caught in it. If you may’t attain smaller hairs, attempt utilizing a tweezer. But after all my fingers couldn’t attain to the underside of the bristles to take away the material and the tweezer would solely take away a part of the lint and material, not the entire clump. So the subsequent factor I did was soak it in heat water for some time, hoping to loosen the material caught on the backside. After that, I used an unused toothbrush to brush the underside pad of the hair brush, between the bristles and rinsing it on the similar time. That lastly did the trick!

Keeping your hair brush clean is retaining your hair clean
Come to consider it, the material and lint caught on the backside of the brush bristles have been in all probability from the towel I used when toweling my hair dry, and over time they’ve constructed up to turn out to be these little mud balls. I keep in mind seeing some yucky trying substance that I imagine have been the lifeless pores and skin from my scalp. I can’t imagine I used to be working my hair via these items after washing them clean! After that incident, I’ve been very cautious in recognizing grime on the backside of my brush and I clean them very recurrently now.

Other methods to clean hair brushes
I checked up the online to discover out if there have been another methods of cleansing hair brushes extra effectively, and a few websites beneficial utilizing vinegar as a result of it removes oil. Diluted hair shampoo was the second possibility instead of vinegar. I’ve but to attempt these two strategies however the vinegar methodology sounds affordable. Sesame additionally talked about that she makes use of a toothpick to carry up the hair, material and whatnots from between the bristles. I’d simply attempt these strategies a attempt over the weekend.

Share your cleansing strategies
How about you women? Do you clean your hair brushes recurrently? And are you utilizing different methods to clean your hair brushes? Do share as I’m to be taught the easiest way.

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