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While the chances of you becoming the victim of a crime during your time at Syracuse are low, it is still important to know what steps you can take to keep yourself and your belongings safe. We have teamed up with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to put together a list of important tips and things for you to know to help keep yourself safe during your time here.

First, if you are not one of the 10,000 community members who have already done so, whether you live on or off campus, we highly recommend you download the Orange Safe app. This app has something for everyone. Some of its most used features include:

A common misconception about this app is that because it is a safety resource from DPS, it can track you. Please know, this is not the case and that your privacy is of the utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help. Orange Safe’s location information is only enabled when you choose to make an emergency call or when you use the On Campus BlueLight feature.

Keeping Yourself Safe

There are simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe on and off campus. These can also be helpful when you are traveling to new places.

  • Students walking together across campus. (Photo by Marilyn Hesler)

    Walk in groups of three or more, especially after darkIf that’s not possible, use the campus bus system or the safety escort services provided by Parking and Transportation Services.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings and maintain your personal space. If a person moves inside your comfort zone, move away.
  • Follow the rules of the road when walking across the street or bicycling/skateboarding near campus. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.
  • Rideshare safely, remember SAMI: Stop, Ask, Match, I

Keeping Your Property Safe

Your personal items are important to you and some of those items may hold a significant value. It is important to do what you can to safeguard them, including the following:

For additional information or questions about how to keep you and your belongings safe on and off campus, visit the DPS website.

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