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How to strengthen the adductors with four simple exercises

He adductor It is the muscle that allows the movements required to bring a member or organ closer to the central axis of the body. Therefore, that you raise the thigh or reach your head to the knees is, in part, thanks to him. Although many times it is the great forgotten, Esther and Gema pineda, personal trainers known as Twins Pin They have not wanted to leave it aside and have recorded a training focused on this part of the body.

This fitness routine that, the more times it is done, the better mobility, consists of four exercises and 15 repetitions of each of them will be done in a row. Once each series is finished, rest for one minute. There are three series and a dumbbell is required for better and faster results.

Exercise 1.

With your legs hip-width apart, lift your right leg diagonally while holding the dumbbell across your thigh. By lowering it, we take it further back than the immovable leg. Try not to bend the knee. It is done 15 times and in the next series the leg is changed.

Exercise 2.

Standing, feet together, we perform a lateral lunge and lower into a squat with the dumbbell in our hands. We do the exercise 15 times and in the next series we change legs.

Exercise 3.

On the ground, supporting the side, we raise the leg that is closest to the ceiling and stretch it forming circles with it, trying not to bend the knee excessively. We do the exercise 15 times and in the next series we change sides.

Exercise 4.

In the position of the previous exercise, that is, lying on your side, we bend the leg that remains on top and move it up and down. Specifically, 15. Then, in the next series, we change legs.

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