How to Use Cold-Water Immersion to Burn Fat Faster

Running stark naked into the ocean in winter may appear crazy. But a brand new Scandinavian study (the place else?) discovered that cold-water immersion adopted by sizzling sauna restoration can provide you a bonus when it comes to dropping pounds.

In the examine, researchers monitored the vitals of a gaggle of younger males who had spent no less than two years swimming twice every week in chilly water and in contrast them with a non-swimming management group.

They discovered those that usually swam then sat in a sauna burned extra energy through brown fats (the kind that retains you heat). In quick: Cold-water immersion adopted by sizzling sauna bouts can improve vitality expenditure and promote weight reduction.

If you’re considering of taking the polar bear plunge this 12 months, take into account the following pointers:

  1. Get bare: Less is extra when it comes to clothes. It might hold you toasty on land, however as quickly as clothes turn out to be moist, they cling to pores and skin, making water really feel even colder. 
  2. Plug your ears: If you’re inclined to “ice cream headaches,” use earplugs to hold freezing water from getting into your ear canal.
  3. Skip the shot of whiskey: Booze lowers your physique temperature, making chilly water harder to deal with.
  4. Practice: Sit in ice baths or take a chilly bathe for 2-3 minutes within the weeks main up to the plunge.
  5. See your doc: If you will have coronary heart points, verify along with your doctor first, as chilly water could cause a spike in coronary heart charge and blood strain.

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