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HZ Tried & Tested: R For Rabbit Sugar Doodle High Chair Detailed Review

High chairs are essential for growing babies. They encourage self-feeding among babies and also promote healthy eating habits and confidence in them a…

As soon as my munchkin learnt to sit, I began looking for a high chair for her. I wanted my baby to be able to sit up with the family during all meals and that’s why I was keen on getting a high chair home. My mom always told me that letting babies eat along with everybody encourages self-feeding. While hunting for a high chair, I had a long checklist in my mind – convenience, durability, pricing, safety, were some things I was looking at to name a few.

I came across R for Rabbit’s Sugar Doodle Toddler’s High Chair some time back and decided to invest in it. So was it worth the money? Here is my detailed review.


  • Easy installation
  • Storage basket
  • Pyramid structure
  • Anti skid rubber base
  • Three levels meal tray adjustment
  • Five points safety harness
  • High quality PU leather material




The high chair came packed in a cardboard box with all the parts packed separately.

My Experience

No, I didn’t invest in the first high chair I saw online. Honestly, I was looking for a high chair for a long time and saw multiple options both offline and online before finalising this one. One common concern I had with most high chairs I found before this one was that they didn’t come with an anti-skid base.

Kids are fidgeting all the time and an anti-skid base could only guarantee the safety of my child while sitting on the high chair. Yes, the anti-skid rubber base was the primary reason why I opted for this chair. Moreover, this one came with a five point safety harness, another advantage from the safety point. (Foods you should feed your baby)

It is strange that a lot of high chairs available in the market come with poor quality fabric for the seat. That not only adds to the discomfort but also makes cleaning the chair a big task. I absolutely love the fabric used by R for Rabbit for their high chair. It is super soft. My baby is always spilling her meals on the chair and all I do is just use a wet cloth for a quick clean. The dual meal tray option makes cleaning a lot easier for me because I always have an option. Also, the high chair comes with a storage pocket to keep all the baby essentials.

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Talking of the negatives, I dislike the fact that the installation takes time. Since the parts need to be assembled, the high chair isn’t travel friendly, which many parents who are frequent travellers might not like. However, the price, though it is on the higher side, might not be an issue with parents who are prioritising quality.


  • Anti-skid rubber base
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a harness to ensure kid’s safety
  • Takes up to 50 kg weight
  • Suitable for kids between six months to five years of age
  • Two-in-one chair, can be converted into a regular kids chair
  • Dual meal tray


  • The product needs assembling which takes a lot of time
  • No foot rest
  • Not travel friendly


If budget isn’t a constraint and you aren’t looking for a high chair that is travel friendly then this one can be your pick. R for Rabbit’s Sugar Doodle high chair is all that parents look for in terms of safety. The five point safety harness and anti skid rubber base promise the protection of your child. From the safety point of view, you won’t regret paying for the price. Also, the premium product quality guarantees durability, another advantage of buying this high chair from R for Rabbit.

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