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I Did Pamela Reif’s Workouts For A Month And This Is All I Learned

Raise your hand who ever heard of Pamela Reif. That’s what I thought. She is the German fitness influencer who dominates the workout world on YouTube, and her videos rack up up to 45 million views each, with millions of people watching her workout plans as well. Because? For a start.

Although she is not a certified personal trainer, Pamela Reif knows what she is doing, her workouts can be done anywhere (no need to go to the gym), by anyone, and she has earned a loyal following (8.5 million on Instagram, to be exact) who is always willing to share his results. From burning fat to having more energy or being able to sleep better, so it’s no wonder that everyone wants to participate.

the fitness blogger Keltie O’Connor I was also intrigued with this training plan that promised so much and that’s why accepted the challenge to train as Pamela Reif for a month to count it. This is all she learned besides showing her results.

1.There are workouts for all tastes

Early on on her journey through the world of Pamela Reif, O’Connor explains that there’s everything from beginner workouts to crash fat-burning classes. O’Connor opted for the classic 45-minute sessions.

I only did the 45 minute ones, because I don’t want to burn fat. I did a few of her general dance classes, but for me it’s more about staying in shape, so I chose that one,” she says. So there are options for everyone. A good start.

2. She is a great motivator

Reif does what she calls “motivated workouts.” Basically, the workouts are not limited to giving instructions on what to do, but put more emphasis on motivation.

Many of us, myself included, have talked about how to stay motivated, but I’ve never seen the concept of “motivated training.”

3. Every week there is something new to do

Pamela Reif is known for her “abs exercises,” but O’Connor assures us that’s not all she does: “Every week there’s something new, but you can also go back to her previous exercises so you don’t get stuck, which is a plus in the truth”.

In fact, Reif has 191 videos on YouTube (as of this writing) for you to try, from abdominal exercises to dumbbell leg exercises to yoga.

4. There are no tricks

The fitness industry comes with its fair share of misleading information, from workouts that claim to give you “two-week abs” (spoiler alert: that’s not possible), to brands that exaggerate the benefits of their products, and O’Connor wants to highlight the honesty. from Reif. He doesn’t make big claims and listens if his followers don’t see the benefits.

The results

The moment everyone was waiting for. Before sharing his own results with us, O’Connor shows us the results submitted by some of his followers who also accepted the challenge. Everyone was talking about how they had gotten stronger, how they felt more joy in their workouts, he says.

Regardless of how the routines were modified (no one person did the exact same Pamela Reif workouts all month), everyone saw positive changes.

Keltie’s Results

O’Connor did not see any physical results, but explains that she was not surprised, since the training sessions did not take her out of her comfort zone.

All of these home workouts are 10 to 30 minute bodyweight exercises in different ways, so “that’s why my body isn’t going to change,” he says.

Home exercises are all the same. They consist of moving the body in different ways for 10-30 minutes. The ideal is not to do it in a way that hurts you, but you should always consult a professional from time to time.

Our opinion? We don’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” idea, so we’re not saying go all out until you can’t walk anymore, but it’s certainly with effort that you’ll see progress, whether it’s running out of breath more than normal or by doing one more set or rep. And we agree with O’Connor when it comes to talking to a professional. Always check that your form and technique are correct, and never prioritize speed over accuracy.

The pros

Pamela Reif’s teaching style. It is very cozy and friendly for beginners, anyone can do it with the mods.

The exercises can be done at any time and place. O’Connor explains that “you can follow them individually or follow their plan, so you have flexibility if you want to do one here and one there.”

The cons

One con for O’Connor is more of an observation than a con: Workouts aren’t personalized. As a result, they won’t be as effective as a plan tailored to your body, but that’s what you’d expect from a free home workout, right?


O’Connor concludes the video by talking about the most important thing he learned from the experience: find a coach you like to train with. Find someone you enjoy. If you want a community, Chloe Ting’s is to die for. The Madfit videos are funny and have a playful edge to them which I really liked.” As for Pamela, “she’s the one you can talk to the most,” says O’Connor.

It all comes down to which show you like best: the music, the moves, the personality of the person you’re following and that will either make you come back to it or try it for a month, get sick of it and try someone else. It’s free, try them all.

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Bridie is Fitness Editor at Women’s Health UK. She spends her days sweating over new workouts, fitness launches and the best home gym kit so you have everything you need to get fit done. Her work by her has been published in Stylist, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and more. She’s also a part-time yoga teacher with a habit of nodding off mid-savasana (not when she’s teaching, promise).

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