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“I don’t see training as an option, but rather a necessity that helps us stay healthy both mentally and physically.”

Paddy is a businesswoman and fitness influencer and confesses to having a very active life because she wants to get the most out of life. She has a sustainable sports fashion brand ‘made in Spain’‘Body attractive wear’ that is sweeping and that combines elegance with attractiveness, enhancing the figure of women. On her social networks, she shows her training, letting her followers know that they do not need many materials to play sports at home.

The influencers has been leading a healthy life for more than 10 years, gives us the keys to why it is necessary to have a good work out, since it not only helps physically, but also manages to reduce stress, anxiety and is beneficial for the mind. In addition, in a few days she marries the Atletico Madrid playerMarcos Llorente, confessing how nervous and prepared she is to enjoy that day to the fullest.

Could you briefly tell us how you got into the world of sports and a healthy lifestyle?

I have always done sports because of the activities my parents enrolled me in, instilling in me the habit of sport as a child, but leading a healthy life as such was not until I entered university because previously I did not train in the gym and did not know what it meant eat a healthy diet. I started at that time -about ten years ago- with an online method of training and nutrition that I found out about thanks to my boyfriend, since he takes great care of himself, plays sports constantly and he passed it on to me in a very natural way.

You combine your work as an influencer, businesswoman, take care of your diet and play sports, can you tell us what your weekly routine is like?

I always say this phrase: “The more things you do, the more you want to do”, and it is a reality, because the more events, activities and commitments you have, the better you organize yourself because you want and need to get to everything. Also, I am a very active girl, I like to have many plans and have a full schedule, I am very used to it and it is something that I like. I really like to make the most of every moment, I love being around everything, undertaking, I started with the online method and now with the sportswear brand and, also with the networks, which is something I enjoy and I don’t see it as a job.

It is very difficult to maintain a certain habit when exercising, especially when we don’t have time. What is the trick to be constant?

I believe that, just as we dedicate a lot of time to work, to our family, friends, partners. We dedicate a large part of our day and sometimes we forget to look after ourselves, for our health. For this reason, I think it is essential to have an hour a day for yourself that you spend taking care of your body and mind. I always say: “Having long-term goals later is not going to motivate you, because you have to think about how much training adds to you and how it makes you feel good about yourself”. Doing sports helps you to be in a better mood, to better control stress, fatigue. The more you train, the more energy and vitality you have. I do not conceive of training as an option, rather a necessity that helps us stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Do you do any beauty treatment to get better results?

I love taking care of myself but I don’t carry out body treatments, since I don’t have much time, even though I’m thinking of doing some pressotherapy treatment. I have tried wood therapy, which is a massage treatment to drain and is beneficial for fluid retention that is carried out with wooden tools.

For certain influencers and content creators, the networks can put pressure on you by always wanting to be ‘perfect’ on Instagram. Have you ever felt pressured? As you take?

There has been a huge change when it comes to managing my networks, because at the beginning it was something totally organic and natural and today it is my job and I have a commitment to my followers, taking care of my content and being present to help them when they ask me a question or advice. It is not stress, but a responsibility and discipline to be constant in the networks to return everything that they contribute to me, since thanks to them I can dedicate myself to it.

How did the idea of ​​creating a ‘made in Spain’ sportswear brand come about? Did you find any difficulties?

I have been with the brand for more than a year, it was born out of my need to train with clothes that were beautiful and that also enhanced my body, that made me feel sexy and attractive. It happened to me that I had sportswear from brands that looked great but the designs were not the ones I liked the most and vice versa. For this reason, I considered creating a sports fashion brand that combined elegance with attractiveness. I decided to do it in Spain for contributing to the country, giving work here and also avoiding pollution and fast fashion. In addition, by doing it in Spain, everything would be easier to manage in a closer and faster way, but above all for the environment. I called ‘Attractive wear’ instead of ‘active wear’ because it aims to make all women feel sexy regardless of their body shape.

Do you have a dream to fulfill, both personally and professionally?

My biggest goal right now is to continue enjoying what I’m getting, feel free with my work, my relationships and enjoy every moment to the fullest. I do not have a specific goal, of course reach a greater number of people with my projects to help them, thus add to society and add value.

As for my personal goals, I’m getting married soon and my mind is focused on everything that a wedding entails, I’m enjoying it a lot.

You will marry Marcos shortly, how are you? Very excited? Could you tell us some details of the wedding?

I am very happy, I have not been able to squeeze more of this stage making a thousand plans: farewells, trips, outings… We have enjoyed it to the fullest because in the end the wedding is one day, so we have tried to make everything perfect to be able to enjoy this special day surrounded by of friends. even though we have wedding planner, I have been hand in hand with them because it is something that I love and all that remains is to see the result of so much effort.

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