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“I want to be a benchmark for healthy living” – Publimetro Chile

Chile’s rule, Nicole “Luli” Morenocontinues to accumulate victories in his career. Her gold medals for her triumphs as a fitness model are not enough, but now he is preparing with everything to launch next Monday the 17th, the program he was preparing in Miami, the week “Always Fit, never In-Fit”, which will be free from July 17 to 23.

In an interview with the radio show, “Taco Time”, the iconic spoke about her new project “Coolto Fitness” with Fernanda Schorr and Francesco Gazzella. “As many people know, I went to Miami, fI was chosen as the Chilean representative to record on a super platform important in the United States”, he departed.

She recorded with Yasmany Amed Rodríguez, the coach of the stars who works with the singer Maluma, and also with Berni Allen. “It is a platform for people who are just starting out, with basic movements, who focuses on 20% movement and 80% eating”he clarified.

“It makes me angry and sad”

Nicole said that she contacted Berni so that You could show people your work for free for a week, since in Chile they were going through hard times due to environmental crises. “I am super happy because what we did is a very nice job. People can start doing sports from 0, activate from home at the time that best suits themMoreno continued.

About what motivated her to participate in the projectNicole Moreno pointed out that this aligns with a personal goal. “I want to become a benchmark for healthy living in my country,” said “Luli.” “I was interested in the project because they are simple movements, perhaps there are people who have no incentive, perhaps to change the way they eat in their lives”, he pointed out.

It makes me angry and sad that we are the second most obese country in Latin America, I want to get people active, motivated”, Nicole Moreno closed.

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