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I was shown a recruiting advertisement for Bassett Healthcare: “Fostering healthy rural communities for over 100 years. Join our team & build your legacy where legacies are built.”

That’s a powerful statement; and who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

If fostering healthy rural communities is integral to your mission statement and recruitment strategies, how do you explain the abrupt closure decision for FoxCare Fitness?

FoxCare Fitness draws members from southern Otsego County and surrounding area. This community is welcoming to all ages and fitness levels. The facility is accessible to all folks, whether walking in or rolling in. Cooperstown has the Clark Gym, which is a premier facility and a wonderful resource, but too far to drive. The YMCA, another wonderful organization, is not geared to folks with accessibility needs. For those recovering from injuries or managing chronic disease, the prescription is warm water therapy.

Where was the investment in member recruitment or the due diligence prior to making this decision? Spring is here and snowbirds are coming back. Why close now?

This is a premier fitness facility and while they share space with cardiac rehab and physical therapy, those areas are not closing. Just the access for members is drying up. Currently, it’s an easy transition for rehab patients to continue a healthy fitness program once therapy has concluded. They join FoxCare Fitness and continue their fitness journey. FoxCare Fitness is safe, clean, welcoming and has professional experienced staff who care. Without the option to do this, many folks will just decide that rehab is over and so is their fitness journey. This does not “foster healthy rural communities.”

It appears that the creators of the recruitment material and the Bassett HealthCare mission statement are not the same people who drive the organization.

False advertising? Draw your own conclusions.

Lisetta Coffin


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