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India Martínez impresses with her supernatural physique posing in a bikini on the beaches of Formentera

India Martínez has taken a few days off to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. The chosen destination has been Formentera, from where he has shared on networks a carousel of images enjoying the island’s beaches in the company of. The crystal clear water, the boat rides and the singer’s tanned skin are undoubtedly signs that India is enjoying itself in style. The diving goggles could not be missing either, and we already know that the adventurous spirit never leaves the artist, not even on vacation.

India Martínez surprises with her super toned abdomen from the beaches of Formentera

That India Martínez has a heart attack figure, it is no secret. The singer published a post with several photographs posing in a bikini during her days off in Formentera and we could not help but notice this incredible six pack What does the artist wear? a super worked abdomen that records the effect of the routines for the core.

To stay in shape as well as define her curves, India Martínez starts routines focused on the upper body with special attention to the abdominal area where exercises like plank they become indispensable. To all this we add that the singer is a faithful lover of sports and disciplines such as boxing, as well as surfing and dancing they sneak into their workouts on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a routine to activate and strengthen the abdominal muscles, you have to try these ones. exercises for the core that in turn improve body posture following the KO method by the hand of our trainer of the month Valentina Rojas. Some series that make up an ideal combo.

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