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Influencer fitness invented having cancer for three years to gain followers: “I must assume the consequences”

“I lied.” Thus begins the shocking confession of a fitness influencer Taiwanese woman, who had assured for three long years that she was in a complex cancer treatment.

However, it was a hoax and the woman never had any type of pathology, everything being invented to to gain followers on social media.

The protagonist of this unique story is the user named “Mian Baobao”, young man who, according to his own account, dreamed of overcoming the disease and become a professional weightlifter.

“I fooled everyone”

As stated by the South China Morning Postit was the ex-husband himself who ensured that his entire campaign and his fight against the alleged terminal pancreatic cancer affecting her was a farce.

“Every time she went to receive treatment, she insisted that her family leave her at the entrance of the hospital and insisted on seeing the doctor alone (…) I never saw any treating doctor, diagnostic tests or hospital receipts.”he said in statements rescued by the aforementioned media.

In fact, the ex-husband claimed that the medical expenses amounted to US$275, equivalent to $221 thousand in national currency, but never saw any kind of receipt.

Once the accusation went viral, “MianBaobao” herself admitted that it was a hoaxso he decided to delete all his posts on Instagram.

“I lied about having cancer and fooled everyone for three years. I know that I deserve to die a thousand times and I must assume the consequences of my own choices,” he said.

Currently, the case is being investigated by the local authorities, although it has already been verified that all the photos published X-rays or hair loss were taken from the internet.

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