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Influencer loses his life in a fitness camp in China Grupo Milenio

The tragedy that has shaken up the community in china highlights the devastating consequences of the influence of social networks and the pressure to meet beauty standards. In this case, a young influencer of only 21 years he lost his life during a fitness camp in Shaanxi.

Identified as cuihuathe young woman was participating in a camp focused on weight loss when the tragic incident occurred. The news of his death was confirmed by his family through a statement on his page Douyin, the chinese version of TikTok as reported by the portal insidersin which expressed their gratitude for the support and love received in these difficult times.

“Our daughter has gone to heaven and we are still coming to terms with this painful reality. We hope that people will not be fooled by those who seek to entertain themselves at the expense of others’ pain, which could affect parents and family. Please allow our daughter to rest in peace, thank you”, they expressed in a message published through social networks, which was translated by the media Insider.

Although the exact cause of death has not yet been determined, the parents of the young influencer have shared information about their state of health prior to the tragic incident. According to them, his daughter went to the hospital because she felt bad after physical exercise.

Douyin screenshot with both releases in Chinese.

The influencer Ciuhua, who had approximately 9,000 followers on the Chinese platform, decided to join one of the weight loss camps in chinawhich have captured international attention due to the increasing rates of obesity in the country.

The institution specializing in fighting fat, located in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, offered a holistic approach that included a healthy dietadequate rest and, of course, plenty of exercise.

The daily routine of the influencer, which she documented in more than 100 videos on Douyin from 2022, it included high-intensity cardio and strength training exercises such as battle ropes and weight lifting. According to reports from Shanghai Morning Newsalso followed a restrictive diet based on whole grains, vegetables, eggs, and fruit, consuming very limited amounts of food.

Capture of Ciuhua in training

In addition to his grueling daytime workouts, Cuihua also carried out exercises at night, which he broadcast live for his followers. Often, it could be seen that he faced difficulties during these trainings.

The influencer’s parents shared two messages on the Chinese TikTok platform, where in a first video they asked not to mention the subject anymorewhile in the second, did not attribute responsibility for the tragic event to the fitness camp in which Cuihua participated, for which they requested to stop harassing the social networks of said camp.

“Dear netizens, please leave your behavior of creating public opinion, we are already very sad, please don’t let us hurt again, the matter is over, no we want to mention it more!” they wrote.

Douyin screenshot with both releases in Chinese.

As reported insidersstarting Tuesday morning China time, all the exercise videos of the fitness enthusiast They were set to private.

The young woman claimed to have lost 80 pounds (36 kg) in a six-month period, of which 57 pounds (25 kg) were lost in the first two months. His overall goal was to lose a total of 200 pounds (90 kg). It is important to note that the family did not attribute responsibility for the tragic event to the fitness camp in which Cuihua participated.


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