Ingredients To Avoid In Your Beauty Products

Interested in switching to safer merchandise? In this submit, I’m sharing components to keep away from in your magnificence merchandise and why it issues for general well being.

I’ll be sincere, my journey to switching to safer private care and sweetness merchandise started lengthy after my well being journey began. I’ve devoted a lot of my life to health and consuming properly, however it wasn’t till extra lately that I realized what I put ON my physique issues simply as a lot as what I put IN my physique.

Lack of Regulation

Unlike the meals business, the sweetness business is sadly extremely unregulated. The final main regulation regulating this multi-billion greenback business was handed in 1938 – that’s over 80 years in the past! Since then, 1000’s of chemical substances have been launched and corporations can get away with sneaking poisonous and doubtlessly dangerous components into their merchandise. Asbestos in makeup!? Scary!

My journey of switching to safer merchandise for myself and my household and been gradual and regular. I’m so grateful I linked arms with Beautycounter a number of years in the past as a result of it’s been an immense supply of schooling and sources (to not point out, the group side and affluent leg of my business).

As for regulating private care merchandise, the European Union is main the best way banning round 1,400 components; Canada restricts round 600… and the United States, a measly 30! The FDA at the moment doesn’t have authority to control what’s in our merchandise, so it’s actually as much as us people.

Once we all know higher, we will do higher; by buying merchandise with safer components, we’re voting with our greenback.

Ingredients To Avoid In Your Beauty Products

1. Parabens

Parabens are utilized in merchandise with excessive water content material, like shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, and moisturizers, Parabens are an endocrine disruptor, which signifies that they’ll have an effect on the fragile stability of our hormones. They mimic estrogen within the physique and may alter the expression of our genes. Read extra about parabens here and why they shouldn’t be in cosmetics.

2. Phthalates

These are linked to a wide range of well being points, together with behavioral points, bronchial asthma, breast most cancers, ADHD, neurological, behavioral and fertility points. Like many dangerous components in cosmetics and skincare, the effects can add up.

3. Fragrance 

This is a commerce secret within the business and the time period “fragrance” can be utilized to cover upwards of 200 chemical components. Companies can simply conceal identified neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, and hormone disruptors by merely calling them “fragrance.”

4. Formaldehyde

This is a preservative that may be a identified carcinogen. Like many issues, it could actually have various results and responses, however can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, and respiratory issues. 

5. Oxybenzone 

Oxybenzone isn’t simply an ingredient that can be harmful to us, however is dangerous to the earth and our valuable ecosystems. Commonly utilized in sunscreen, oxybenzone contributes to coral bleaching and damages the DNA of coral reefs. Hawaii was the primary the ban the use of this type of sunscreen.

6. Heavy Metals

Makeup typically incorporates heavy metals like lead, mercury and zinc. They’re utilized in all the pieces from lipsticks to eyeliners—and so they’re what provides them that metallic sheen.

The dangers related to heavy metals embrace most cancers, endocrine problems, developmental delays and neurological problems.

Good information! Beautycounter checks every batch of their shade cosmetics 3x for heavy metals.

7. Talc

Talc, often present in dusting powders in addition to powder-based make-up like eyeshadows and blushes may be conceding if it incorporates asbestos! Safer alternate options embrace starch derived from corn, maize, arrowroot, tapioca, oats or baking soda.

8. Paraffins and Petrolatum

These are long-lasting byproducts of oil refining used to make gasoline and different petroleum merchandise… and sure, they’re doubtless hiding in your each day physique lotion. Alternative names embrace petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, or mineral oil – they’re typically snuck into lotion due to their moisturizing properties. The principal well being dangers of paraffins and petrolatum come from improper refining processes, which may depart behind cancer-causing contaminants.

5 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Beauty Products

Switch To Safer

Once I realized about among the high offenders and components to steer away from, it made it simpler when selecting out something from shampoo and physique lotion to toothpaste, deodorant and even my make-up. If I’m ever in query, I exploit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database and Healthy Living App to scan merchandise for his or her security rating.

It’s additionally why I select Beautycounter time and time once more; I can belief the merchandise due to the corporate’s rigorous screening processes, testing, and ingredient sourcing and regulation. Beautycounter’s Never List is a rising checklist of over 1,800 components that they exclude from all of their formulations.

Like with all elements of wellbeing, I don’t attempt for perfection — however progress. The small adjustments actually do add up over time. I don’t suppose it’s practical to fully empty out your drawers and cupboards to exchange all the pieces in a single fell swoop. Instead, I’ll wait till I run out of one thing and use that chance to exchange it with a safer possibility.

If you’re fascinated with making safer swaps together with your prducts, you can fill out this quick form and I’ll electronic mail you customized suggestions.

5 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Beauty Products

Cheers to safer!


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