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Invima issues warning for Sascha Fitness products in Colombia: ‘Fraudulent’

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) issued a Health alert for products that are marketed in the country under the BCAA – Sascha Fitness Colombia brand.

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The platform sells the products of the Venezuelan businesswoman who is recognized for her advice on nutrition and exercise, which have reflected millions of followers on Instagram and other social networks.

Specifically, there are six dietary supplements (BCAA NATURAL LIME LEMON – BCAA


BCAA NATURAL WATERMELON – BCAA NATURAL GRAPE). These are touted “for increasing, decreasing or maintaining muscle mass, enhancing the immune system, increasing energy levels, and supporting fat loss and improving body composition.”

“They are considered fraudulent,” Invima described, referring to those found on The entity concluded that they do not have a sanitary registry, for which reason marketing them in Colombia is illegal.

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As there is no record, there is no evaluation of “aspects of quality, safety and efficacy, representing a risk to the health of consumers”. Therefore, the authority does not know its composition and storage, transport and distribution conditions.

Invima recommendations on BCAA products – Sascha Fitness Colombia

Invima asks the community in general to refrain from purchasing the products. In addition, he insists on not buying medicines or dietary supplements without a current health registration because they can put his health at risk.

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You can verify the sanitary registration of any product on the official page, in order to be sure of what you are consuming.


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