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Is it possible to get a flat stomach in 14 days? This is the new viral challenge to get a heart attack abdomen

Is it possible to get a flat stomach in 14 days? The new viral challenge that will help you get a heart attack abdomen

There is less and less for the arrival of summer and time begins to step on our heels to get us in tune. The months prior to the arrival of the high seasons are the moment in which many begin to tighten your training routines and look for diets that promise to make us lose weight in a very short time.


Miracles don’t exist and perseverance and dedication They are the keys to achieving any goal, but there are certain tricks that can help us get to that body we so desire in summer sooner.

In the last week a video of Chloe Ting, one of the most popular fitness influencers, has gone viral again and has rescued this challenge that she published in 2019. The 2 Week Shred Challenge promise to help you define abs in just 14 days and lose guts during exercise.

The trainer proposes to carry out exercise sessions with varied videos that alternate every day. Time spent for training varies from 10 to 60 minutes dailywhich must be progressively increased in sessions that intersperse different abdominal exercises, although others are also included for tone core, arms, legs and buttocks.

The key to this training is variety. Not only do you have to activate the abdominal rect, He too transverse and the obliques.

It is important to remember that training will help you lose weight as long as it is accompanied by a good diet.

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