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Israel at war – Three unconventional tips for dealing with stress

Israel has been at war for over a month, and there is no way of knowing how long the war will last.

Many people find themselves in a wartime routine and are forced to function amid a persistent bad mood, stress, and disrupted sleep. 

The constant barrage of shocking and heartbreaking stories does not help. 

For this reason, it is important to find ways to relax and maintain a semblance of normalcy in daily life, work, eating habits, exercise, and reduced news consumption. 

Experts recommend familiar strategies to combat stress, such as sports, meditation, and a healthy routine. However, those suffering from high stress find it challenging to motivate themselves to engage in these activities. The paradox lies in knowing what is good for stress relief but being unable to act on that knowledge, particularly when the news cycle provides a false sense of control and addiction.

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Stress-reducing tips

Realizing the need to find stress-reducing methods suitable for those struggling to implement conventional advice, there are some alternative approaches. 


Tip 1: Allow Yourself to Not Function

Acknowledging the need for change is the first step, and allowing oneself to hit rock bottom is crucial for recovery. Unrealistic expectations create toxicity in life, leading to disappointment. In low states, it is better to surrender to the moment than to fight against oneself and achieve the same negative outcome. Extreme situations are transient, and acceptance facilitates quicker recovery without self-blame.

Tip 2: Volunteering Is Good, But Not Volunteering Is Fine Too

While volunteering is beneficial for anxiety relief, not everyone can partake in such activities. Those unable to volunteer should not feel worse about their mental state. 

Lack of ability is not a crime, and self-compassion is crucial. Avoid self-hatred and punishment; instead, find ways to feel okay about not being able to volunteer. A focus on personal well-being is valid, and it prevents the spreading of negativity to the environment.

These unconventional tips may not lead to enlightenment or paradise, but they can help individuals move towards the middle of the stress scale, making it easier to consider other stress-relieving activities, whether that involves sports or not.

Tip 3: Repression isn’t a curse

It’s time to rethink its value. Despite its bad reputation, repression can act as a protective mechanism when reality becomes too overwhelming for the mind. Instead of dismissing it, let’s support and embrace repression.

Distractions, like sports or enjoyable activities, trigger the release of mood-enhancing hormones. Whether it’s playing a game, watching a movie, socializing with friends, or even shopping, the goal is to find a moment of joy. These diversions can temporarily shift your focus and help you feel better.

So, instead of scorning repression, consider it a tool for self-preservation. Engage in activities that bring a bit of joy, allowing you to temporarily escape and, eventually, find motivation to get off the couch and be more active. And yes, even sex can contribute to your overall well-being.

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