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Jen Selter teaches us how to lose weight at 55 and tone the legs and abdomen with 2 exercises

Do you want to lose weight fast? jen selter teaches us 2 easy exercises to reduce sizes and tone the legs after 55. This training is also ideal to have a flat abdomen and look fabulous this summer. Best of all, you can do it from home and notice results in no time.

Jen Selter does 2 exercises for after 55

The model fitness He showed us 2 creative exercises that you must do if you want an impactful body. To perform them you will need a pair of dumbbells of the weight you prefer to exercise your arms. If you do not have at home you can replace them with bottles with water, with seeds or some object that simulates the weight of at least 1 kilo per hand. Also, remember to do a simple warm-up so that avoid injuries.

Exercise 1

Step 1

  • Get in position to firm
  • Stretch the arms forward holding the dumbbells
  • Keep the back right
Exercise to lose weight easy | Instagram @jenselter

Step 2

  • turn up the knee straight as far as you can, keeping the posture firm in the back
  • At the same time, contract the elbows to you
  • Stretch again the arms towards the front
  • lower the knee right and do the same but now with the left
  • repeat 20 times for each side
Tones the legs | Instagram @jenselter

Exercise 2

Step 1

  • Stretch the arms up holding dumbbells
  • The back should always be straight
  • Keep your balance with arms
Flattens the abdomen easily | Instagram @jenselter

Step 2

  • stretch the leg left towards the front
  • At the same time lower the arms so that the tips of your feet touch the hands
  • Gently lower the leg and repeat the exercise with the lower leg. right
  • do this exercise 25 times
Routine for toned body | Instagram @jenselter

This routine It is ideal to do it in the morning so that you have energy all day and notice changes during your day. Remember to combine training with a healthy diet and plenty of water.

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