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Jennifer Aniston, more toned impossible, in the images of the ‘Pvolve’ method with which she has achieved this great body at 54

At 54 years old, Jennifer Aniston has made it clear that she is in her prime. You only need to see a couple of photos of the ‘Friends’ actress to realize that she is becoming more and more radiant, in addition to her good physical condition. We have not been able to ignore the last post of her showing off her great body, with very marked abs, steel buttocks with that much sought after push up effect, as well as super toned arms and legs. A heart-stopping figure that she has sculpted thanks to the ‘Pvolve’ method.

The ‘Pvolve’ method: everything you need to know about Jennifer Aniston’s training

Jennifer Aniston has posted a video on Instagram where the actress has shared with her followers that she has joined the fitness brand ‘Pvolve’. Among the images we have been able to see how she appears giving everything with resistance training, but also stretching the muscles with very complete exercises. Without a doubt, a routine that we can’t wait to put it to the test.

The ‘Pvolve’ method is based on science, combining low-impact fitness with resistance-based equipment, all in order to offer results beyond traditional training. “I ordered the equipment and started streaming classes at home and fell in love with the workout,” Jennifer Aniston says. And it is that being able to train from home is a real must, especially those days when we have little time.

The workout promises to “sculpt the body from every angle”: lifting the buttocks, toning the upper body muscles and working the abdominal area. Without a doubt, we love the combination of fullbody exercises, without leaving a muscle to exercise. We are looking forward to trying this workout!

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