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Jo Lindner: Who was and what happened to the fitness influencer who died at the age of 30 | Aneurysm | Germany | narration | EC Stories | nnda nnrt | WORLD

Jo Lindner was a well-known German influencer whose death caused a stir on social media. The young man was 30 years old and had millions of followers on his Instagram account.

Lindner lost his life due to a brain aneurysma condition that occurs due to an abnormal widening of an artery that is weakened.

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nichehis girlfriend and also bodybuilderconfirmed the death of German. Through his social networks, she published a long statement in which he regretted that the influencer had died in his arms.

He explained that in the house of Lindnerthey both met some friends and then they both lay down waiting for 4 in the afternoon to arrive to go to the gym.

Jo Lindner He died moments after having made a gift to his partner: “I was there with him in the room. He put the necklace he made for me around my neck. So we lay down and hug each other.”

His neck hurt and he told me to touch it. Then we both felt that something was bulging. I think he thought it was normal pain as usual. He left her friend, and we lay on the bed. He was on my chest for 20 minutes and then he stood up when it was time to go”, he said in the message.

Nicha stressed that her partner did not die from drug abuse steroids.

“He built himself and worked hard. It’s not fair. I was brave enough to admit if he used them ”, held.

But in the past, according to the young man confessed to having used steroidsso he developed gynecomastia, a disease that causes enlargement of the breast tissues and burns the nipples. This anomaly produces an aesthetic deformity that causes psychological disorders in the patient.

“He was the most amazing and incredible person in this world. She believed in everyone, especially me, that she could be better and someone in this world. He worked hard to stay motivated, although sometimes he didn’t feel that motivated. But he couldn’t rest or give up for his fans, because he knew that 8 million people needed this from him.” added about the personality of his partner.

What is an aneurysm and what causes it?

He aneurysm is a bulge or bulge in a blood vessel in the brain. Experts believe that brain aneurysms form and grow because blood flowing through the blood vessel puts pressure on a weak area in the vessel wall.

Aneurysms in the brain occur when there is a weakened area in the wall of a blood vessel, says the Medline Plus portal.

Brain aneurysms are relatively common. One in fifty people have an aneurysm in the brain, but only a small number of these aneurysms cause symptoms or rupture.

Risk factors include:

  • Family history of brain aneurysms
  • Health problems such as polycystic kidney disease, coarctation of the aorta, and endocarditis
  • High blood pressure, smoking, consuming alcohol, and the use of cocaine or amphetamines.

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