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Jorge Fernández’s impressive pecs at 50 years old

“But sport is much more than training, sport is a lifestyle”, recounted Jorge Fernández in the exclusive interview he gave to Men’s Health magazine on the occasion of its cover celebrating his 50th birthday. At that time, the presenter was in one of his best moments, but now, almost a year later, he still is.

Sport is part of his day-to-day life, his daily routine, and that is why he shows off such strong and worked muscles in the photos that he occasionally uploads shirtless on Instagram. It is true that it is not to lavish yourself scantily clad on social networks, but Sometimes he does surprise with images like the one he has recently uploaded with his dog. A most bucolic picture in which Jorge is seen lying on the grass without a shirt and wearing pectorals that hide many hours of training in the gym.

We know from himself how hard and complete chest training he continues in the gym, which is why This is how these muscles look: We find exercises ranging from the incline bench press on a multipower machine to the cable fly. Also these other 15 best chest exercises to improve pecs help build a good pecs.

GOFITNESS Push Down pressure bar to strengthen pectorals

GOFITNESS Push Down pressure bar to strengthen pectorals

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Headshot of Fran Gomez

Fran Gómez is a journalist specializing in men’s fashion and beauty, with extensive experience in the editorial world. Born in Madrid, Fran graduated in journalism from the Carlos III University of Madrid and quickly began to focus his career on the world of fashion and male beauty working at Forbes magazine.

During his professional career, Fran has written for some of the most important publications in the industry, including Men’s Health, where he currently works as a digital writer in the men’s fashion and beauty section, where he shares his knowledge and advice on how to dress and take care of the body of men. You can also find the name of this journalist in other headers such as Esquire, Fotogramas or ELLE.

Throughout her career, Fran has developed the skills to be able to identify the latest trends and adapt them to different profiles of men, be up-to-date with what’s in fashion, report on any new style, and discover and recommend the best men’s cosmetics products to readers. She also has extensive experience in Ecommerce.

Fran is also a very active user on his social networks and that is why he knows every new thing that involves singers, actors, influencers… This has allowed him to interview national and international celebrities.

He has been invited to radio programs to talk about trends, style and current affairs. In addition, he was a jury member of the first edition of the Ídolo Awards, awards dedicated to recognizing the work of the best content creators in our country.

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