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Juan Betancourt gives a lot to talk about with his last photo in a swimsuit showing off muscles

It is inevitable to think of Juan Betancourt’s perfect physique every time the model updates his Instagram profile with a shirtless photo in which he shows off his muscles – even with it they attract attention. The last photo he has shared on this social network has left Instagram shivering after seeing Juan in a swimsuit sporting a perfectly defined torsoabdominals about to get in the way, and some quadriceps that no one will be able to tell you that they don’t spend time training their legs.

“I am a training geek. If there is something that I cannot stop doing, it is training, but not because of my physical appearance but because I need to exercise at least 45 minutes every other day and de-stress,” Juan Betancourt told Men’s Health ago. a few years on the occasion of its last cover. He recognized that there are several exercises when it comes to training that he doesn’t like, especially he hates the calf exercises because he says “they’re the worst soreness I’ve ever had” but the truth is that it seems have beaten this phobia and his leg training is the most complete with great resultsas we see in this last publication.

For get big and strong quadriceps Like those of the also actor, include in your leg day you should introduce these exercises and you will get as muscular legs as you can. Also take note of everything you need to know about this muscle for proper training.


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Fran Gómez is a journalist specializing in men’s fashion and beauty, with extensive experience in the editorial world. Born in Madrid, Fran graduated in journalism from the Carlos III University of Madrid and quickly began to focus his career on the world of fashion and male beauty working at Forbes magazine.

During her professional career, Fran has written for some of the most important publications in the sector, including Men’s Health, where she currently works as a digital writer in the men’s fashion and beauty section, where she shares her knowledge and advice on how to dress and care for the body. men’s body. You can also find the name of this journalist in other headers such as Esquire, Fotogramas or ELLE.

Throughout her career, Fran has developed the skills to be able to identify the latest trends and adapt them to different profiles of men, be up-to-date with what’s in fashion, report on any new style, and discover and recommend the latest trends to readers. best men’s cosmetics She also has extensive experience in Ecommerce.

Fran is also a very active user on his social networks and that is why he knows every new thing that involves singers, actors, influencers… This has allowed him to interview national and international celebrities.

He has been invited to radio programs to talk about trends, style and current affairs. In addition, he was a jury member of the first edition of the Ídolo Awards, awards dedicated to recognizing the work of the best content creators in our country.

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