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Justyn Vicky, famous bodybuilder, tragically loses his life trying to squat more than 200 kilos

The bodybuilding world is mourning the death of Justin Vicky, who lost his life in an intense training routine. The 33-year-old coach was famous on social media for his passion for fitness and their ability to inspire others.

Through the various digital platforms, he shared advice and motivations about life fitness; Likewise, he was a nutritional consultant and personal trainer, so his death leaves a great void.

Justyn Vicky performs heavy squat training.

Instagram: @justynvickybali_island

Justyn Vicky died tragically

justin He died on July 15 while he was training in the gym. Paradise Bali. Vicky tried to perform squats with 210 kilosHowever, the bar loaded with discs fell on his neck, causing very serious injuries.

The coach born in Indonesia He was taken to the hospital, where he was found to have a broken neck and severe compression of the vital nerves that connected his heart and lungs. Despite the efforts of the doctors, he died after an emergency operation.

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gede sutaryaone of his friends, described him as a kind, polite person and always willing to share his knowledge, he stressed that it was all an accident, as Vicky always worried about safety and urged everyone not to try things that were beyond their capabilities.

They paid him a tribute as a farewell

In the gym Paradise Bali They paid tribute to him with an emotional farewell message: “You will remain forever in our hearts”, “He kept me motivated” and “It is a difficult loss, but we will keep his spirit alive”, were some of the messages from his friends.

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