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Kareena Kapoor Posts Truth Bomb On Motherhood, The Juggle Is Real. Tips Inside.

Motherhood is arguably the most precious experience in the world. It is a life-long journey that comes with its own sets of challenges, experiences, responsibilities and learnings from time to time. While the beautiful and glorified side of becoming a mum has always dominated the conversations for years, little do we really share about the uncomfortable aspects of motherhood – whether pregnancy mood swings, physical changes, postpartum, baby blues or even the perils of being a mother. No, it’s no Gen Z slag! Though motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings a woman experiences, it certainly is not a bed of roses. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor in her latest Instagram entry dropped a truth bomb and unveiled the complexity as well as insanity of motherhood. She did not hold back. 

The post, titled ‘the Insanity of motherhood’ in 2023, read: “Have a career, but also don’t miss a moment. Be there to look after your ageing parents, but also have a career and don’t ever miss a school play – actually don’t miss any school events. Make sure they go to clubs, but not too many, you don’t want to overstimulate them. Keep on top of the life admin, the cooking, cleaning, the organising, the washing and whatever you do: don’t drop any balls. You need a village. But also you have to create it yourself. So make sure to use any spare energy you have to make friends and don’t forget to reply to every WhatsApp immediately. You don’t want to seem too busy. It’s rude. And make sure you look good while doing it all. Oh and also, you’re not allowed to say it’s hard: because you chose this.” While the star mum didn’t write any of this herself, the giant truth bomb emoji confirmed how strongly she believed in the truth of what was written. 

While we wouldn’t dare to claim that there is any way to do the job perfectly, parenthood is a constant process of trial and error, what we humbly offer is a few ways to ease the pressure. 

1. Make A Weekly Calendar 

A family calendar is a must. All the work appointments, schedules and commitments need to be in one place. It will be handy and helpful, trust us. You must also include all crucial appointments related to the babies/children – be it a parent-teacher meeting or a birthday party. This way you will be able to manage your work as well as give time to your baby. 

2. Make A Night Routine 

Your child is away in school, while you are finishing up the household chores or attending work meetings. There will be days when you won’t get a chance to spend quality time with your child, and even before you will know — an unprecedented rift will form. To avoid such a situation, it is essential to establish a bedtime routine, where you chit-chat, share stories and talk before you go off to sleep. 

3. Use Technology To Your Best

Whenever you are travelling out of the city, make sure to stay connected with your children via messages and calls. Drop a text, whenever you get time. You can also fix a routine of a 5-10 minute video call daily. 

4. Plan Meals In Advance

Mothers are always struggling with the guilt of feeding their children ‘not-so-healthy’ food. While cheat meals once a week would do no harm, it is always advised to plan the meals beforehand in order to ensure the child’s health. Instead of wasting a part of your day on deciding what to cook for the child, prepare a weekly meal plan instead and stick by it.

5. Selfcare

Finding time to let your hair down, enjoying a cup of tea, or putting on a sheet mask will never be on your to-do list, but let us tell you it is equally important. Self-care is not only essential for your mental stability but also for your child’s. At times when we don’t give our body and mind appropriate rest, we tend to snap or get frustrated over the children, which leaves a bad impact. 

The list doesn’t end here, of course. For working moms looking for time-management pointers, read this and new moms can achieve a better work-life balance with these tips.

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