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Keep Yoga Weird With This Creative Sequence

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Some of our favourite yoga poses are described in straight strains and boxy angles–Triangle, Plank, and Extended Side Angle poses for instance. But the human body is extra attuned to spirals and curves. Think in regards to the double helix of our DNA, the trail of our limbs as they emerge in vitro, and the way in which we swing our arms as we stroll and run. Even our sports activities actions are described in curved actions, because of the twisting motion of the torso: soccer spirals, tennis ball top-spins, and glove hooks.


Moving in fluid, unpredictable methods helps us keep agile—bodily and mentally. 

“Moving weirdly helps keep the brain healthy,” says Beret Kirkeby, a massage therapist, yoga therapist, and Prema Yoga Institute teacher. “It’s also oxygenating to our tissue, moves synovial fluid, and helps us maintain range of motion.” If we limit ourselves to habitual and repetitive movements, we may start thinking that anything outside the ordinary is scary or possibly painful, explains Kirkeby. “Moving weirdly is a fundamental part of keeping a flexible mind and body,” she provides.

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