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Kim Mulkey: Washington Post report on LSU head coach an unflattering portrait, but short on revelations


The Washington Post published on Saturday a profile in depth from Louisiana State University women's basketball head coach Kim Mulkey, describing the coach as a leader with single-minded determination whose behavior often leaves the basketball community and her own players divided.

Anticipation for the WaPo report was high after Mulkey threatened a week ago to sue the Post over a “hit piece” she said the newspaper had been working on for more than two years.

The Post story doesn't contain the kind of explosive revelations many expected after Mulkey's fiery tirade last Saturday before LSU's second-round game in the NCAA women's basketball tournament.

Instead, it paints a picture of a coach whose brash manner and tendency to hold grudges make her one of the most polarizing figures in the history of college basketball, and of a life dedicated to the pursuit of basketball excellence that has left in its wake a series of fractured relationships.

Mulkey spoke briefly with tournament broadcaster ESPN as his LSU team prepared to start its Sweet 16 game, and Mulkey said he had just learned that the article had been published.

“You're telling me something I didn't know,” Mulkey told ESPN. “So you are the bearer of good news or bad news or however you want to look at it. But are you really surprised? Are you really surprised by the timing of it? But I can tell you that I have not read it, I don't know if I will read it, I will leave that to my lawyers.”

Both LSU and Baylor University, Mulkey's previous school, declined to comment on the Washington Post story when contacted by CNN.

On Saturday, No. 3 seed LSU won its Sweet 16 game against No. 2 UCLA in Albany, New York.

Speaking to reporters after the victory, Mulkey said the profile was not a distraction.

“Imagine that, you must have thought you would see it, right? Get some clicks or be a distraction,” Mulkey said after the game.

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