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La La Anthony is all about family during the holidays. “Laughing, dancing, music,” she tells SheKnows. “We always find cool family games to play together.” This Thanksgiving, it was TikTok challenges. “We did the Usher challenge,” the BMF star says. “Everyone was trying to sing like Usher, which was a disaster.” Usher himself did comment on the post, so that was kind of a flex. Sure, it was three crying-laughing emojis, but still…

Not all of us have R&B superstars dropping likes on our IGs, but Anthony’s famous family is like everyone else’s in at least one respect: trying to avoid all the seasonal viruses going around. “Nobody wants to be sick during the holidays,” Anthony says. The TV host says her go-to for symptom relief is Delsym’s 12-hour cough suppressant, a brand she’s partnered with because, as Anthony says, “it’s something we use anyway.”

Comfort meals are also a big part of how she stays healthy, especially her mom’s chicken soup. Anthony is the first to admit she’s no Michelin-starred chef (“If anyone’s talking about something being burnt, it’s probably because they tried to put me in the kitchen…”), but she’s “somehow mastered” this special recipe.

“I grew up in a Hispanic household. Both my parents are from Puerto Rico,” Anthony says. “So there’s a lot of seasonings in there and different things that make it a little bit, let’s say, not the ‘normal’ chicken soup.” Even when she’s not sick, “it’s just something I love during the holidays, because it makes me feel closer to home.” (As part of Anthony’s partnership with Delsym, the brand is giving away the nonperishable soup ingredients to 250 families.)

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Anthony also loves working out, although it wasn’t always that way. The turning point came when she realized that after a workout, “I feel better, I feel more accomplished, more energy.” Her favorites are strength training and boxing, but she likes mixing it up. Staying with the same workouts “gets boring, and then you’re not gonna stick to it,” she explains.

Working out and paying attention to her mental health are priorities for Anthony all year round, but especially during the holidays. By exercising four days a week, Anthony says, “I’m making myself a priority.” By keeping tabs on her mental health, she’s reminding herself that “it’s OK to slow down.” She tries to take a quiet moment for herself at the beginning and end of each day, and has also found some quality alone time in an unexpected place.

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