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La Pompis shares a powerful VIDEO before her fitness transformation: ‘yes you can’

Paula Jasso, better known in the worlds of show business and bailongos as The Booty, He has been breaking it since he separated from Sonido Pirata and made Medio Metro part of his artistic past.

The 31-year-old has won the hearts of the people of Mexico thanks to her skills on the dance floor, and even left everyone delighted when she appeared on national public television in the company of Capi Pérez.

That happened specifically in the “La Resolana” program, in which Paulina left everyone speechless thanks to her charisma, her chemistry with Capi and her fitness figure from hours of gym and discipline.

And precisely, Pompis has just uploaded a video to her social networks with which she seeks to inspire her fans to change their lifestyles and venture into the world of exercise.

To do this, Paulin Jasso did not hesitate for a second to share how he looked before he was a daily patron of the gym, as he believes that showing his powerful physical transformation will help many people to venture out to exercise.

The clip shows La Pompis recording herself in front of the mirror a few yesterdays ago, when she had a few extra kilos, images that she accompanied with the caption: “but alch did hurt me”

After that, the famous dancer and influencer makes a cut to how she now looks spectacular and fit. The video accompanied it with the message: “Who says you can’t?”thus awakening dozens of messages of support and celebration among his fans.

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