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Llanera, capital of futsal with the local team Lucus Fitness as runner-up

In pictures: all the participants in the Llanera futsal marathonLujan Palacios


The ball has rolled indoors and at full speed in the great Futsal Marathon that the council of Llanera has hosted throughout the weekend. Since last Friday afternoon and until late this Sunday morning, a total of 17 teams have dueled at the Posada and Lugo sports facilities to win substantial financial prizes.

The winner of the tournament was the Radiocar Minuetto, arrived from Ferrol. And in second place, a local team, Lucus Fitness, linked to a gym in Lugo de Llanera, was the runner-up of the match. In third place were the athletes from Construcciones Las Mestas. The economic prizes were substantial: the winner received a check for the amount of 5,000 euros, while the runners-up received 2,000 euros and the third classified, 2,000 euros. In addition, the rooms won a 200-euro pinch, and the best local team, Los Frenaos de Llanera, were recognized with another check for 600 euros.

With the awards ceremony, the finishing touch was put on three days of uninterrupted competition, with matches that were played at night and with the presence of teams from outside Asturias, from the neighboring autonomous communities of Cantabria, Castilla y León and Galicia, and from various points of the Principality. The event was organized by the City Council in collaboration with San Cucao Futsal, and the awards ceremony was attended by the recently inaugurated mayor, Gerardo Sanz, who did not want to miss the final of a marathon that has filled the municipality with soccer .

In fact, he himself pointed out this Saturday in his investiture speech that sport and a healthy life would be two of the main axes of the mandate that is now beginning, and that he has an important appointment in this type of event also in regard to the generation of economic activity, with three days of a lot of movement in the hotel establishments of the council thanks to the arrival of the athletes and their companions.

The following teams gathered in the tournament: Radiocar Minuetto from Ferrol, Lucus Fitness from Lugo de Llanera, La Terraza, the Piedras Blancas team, Construcciones Las Mestas, O Garrulo from Oviedo, Vascop from Asturias, Miel la Boalesa, Combo Villa, Olympique de Ables, Construcciones Rfón, Los Frenaos de Llanera, Kelty- Víctor Butcher, Basi Butcher, La Caleya, Grúas 2,000 and Fifa United from Oviedo.

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