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Lose weight and increase glutes after 50 with these 2 exercises for beginners

Do you want perfect buttocks and you are over 50? Reach your ideal weight and tone your figure with this easy routine which is ideal if you are just starting out in the fitness world. Of course, it will not be necessary for you to jump or carry very heavy things. It’s a training focused on conditioning the body and help you show off an impact figure in a short time. We tell you how to do these exercises.

How to lose weight after 50? 3 tips you should consider

Before you start, take note of these tips that will help you have a satisfying training without hurting yourself. It is important that you do not have any injury to avoid aggravating it and in this case it is better to see your doctor so that he can indicate the best method to reduce sizes.

Tip #1

Although these exercises they are not high impactyou need to be comfortable so you should wear clothes that allow you movement without limitations.

Tip #2

This training will help you reduce sizes and tone buttocksbut to show much better results you must complement the exercise with a healthy diet and plenty of water.

Tip #3

The first day is always complicated, but from there you must gain strength to continue and maintain a healthy state of life. Constancy is what gives results.

Tips to achieve an impact figure at 50 | Pexels

Do 2 exercises that DO increase glutes

Exercise 1

  • Get in position to firm
  • Open your legs at the height of the shoulders
  • Slightly tilt the back and hip forward
  • cross the hands to go down
  • go up again and join stretching the arms to the sides
  • repeat this exercise for 3 minutes
Exercise to lose weight at 50 | TikTok/ @nikiwibrowfitness

Exercise 2

  • start in position of firm
  • close the legs leaving 5 centimeters apart
  • Lower the buttocks slightly
  • Stretch the arms backward
  • join again
  • repeat the exercise 3 minutes
Perfect buttocks at 50 | TikTok/ @nikiwibrowfitness

This routine you can do it in the morning have energy during the day. Repeat at least 3 times a week and in a few days you will notice the difference.

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