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Lower body routine that will burn your buttocks and legs

The time has come hit the buttocks and legs! And it is that, after seeing the incredible legs of Nieves Álvarez at 49 years of age, letting ourselves be dazzled by the infinite legs of Mar Saura at the Platino Awards or, simply, being amazed by the spectacularly strong legs of Paula Prendes at 40 years of age, The time has come to stop yearning, jump on the couch, and go for it.

Because yes, to get slender legs and buttocks up Like the ones that Georgina wears, for example, establishing a good -and healthy- routine is essential. For this reason, after compiling some of the model’s most explosive exercises and putting into practice the best routine to strengthen the upper body in 20 minutes, we have come across this session that will completely change your (and our) lower body.

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So, after putting on one of the most comfortable and desired leggings on Amazon or putting on one of the best-selling Skechers shoes on the platform, we launched into sharing the routine that will set our (and your) lower body on fire that has devised Rosa Lopez, Personal Trainer. Ready?

The routine that will make your lower body burn like never before

This routine performed by rose lopez It is suitable for everyone and, in addition, it will allow us to begin our purpose of outstanding manner in just five exercises. Take a good look, how the trainer does it and seeks to recreate it to the millimeter to avoid taking a bad position. Of course, in case you have doubts about one position or another, zero worries! We will tell you how you can easily recreate them.

swing or swing

To get the most out of this exercise, it is recommended to complement it with a kettlebell like, for example, this one; one of the great favorites among Amazon users for its incredible value for money.

POWRX Kettlebell – For an exercise of 10

Kettlebell - For an exercise of 10

POWRX Kettlebell – For an exercise of 10

To do this, place your feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands and arms straight. With a slight bend in her knees and a flat back, she rotates her hips, swinging the kettlebell back through her legs. Then push your hips forward, engage your glutes. Finally, as soon as the kettlebell reaches shoulder height, knees should be straight and the buttocks contracted to full extension.

Repeat this exercise about four series with ten repetitions.

Pull Through

For this exercise you will need a pulley (or if you do it at home you can help yourself with some elastic bands). To do this, stand in front of the pulley, facing away from it, with your legs slightly wider than your hips. After, moves forward with the force of the hips. As you will notice, the movement is very similar to the one you carry out with the previous exercise. swing.

Rosa López recommends doing this exercise in three series with eight repetitions each.

Dead weight

With the help of dumbbells or even a kettlebell, keep your spine straight while squeezing your buttocks. At the same time, keep your spine straight by pushing your hips forward. While you’re making that moveraise the dumbbells as you straighten your legs.

Buenos dias

with this exercise you will notice a big change in your legs. We assure you. In addition, you will enhance the strength and muscular endurance of your lower body. To do this, you have to lower your torso forward, keeping your back straight, carrying a “supported” bar in the neck area. It’s all about going down and up.

To perform the movement well, we recommend using this ergonomic protection pad.


bar pad


hip extension

To finish the routine, the trainer performs this fairly simple exercise to recreate. To do this, you have to position yourself as Rosa, raising and lowering the leg, carrying the weight of the bar or dumbbell. Specifically, the trainer recommends doing three sets with ten repetitions each.

And now, yes yes, to show off your buttocks and legs.

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