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Macro Fit aims for record revenue in 2023 and will open its ninth gym in the Canary Islands

Macro Fit is renewed and resumes its expansion plan in 2023. The Canarian chain of gyms from the Lude Gestiones y Servicios group expects to break its revenue record this year, which would mean improving the 7.4 million billed in 2019. That year, the entire group, which also operates municipal sports centers, registered a turnover of 16.3 million euros. The company, which has not yet revealed the turnover with which it closed 2022, pointed to revenues of close to 14 million euros.

The improvement forecast for this year responds to the recovery of subscribers that the chain has experienced over the last few months. At the start of 2023, Macro Fit has reached 95% of the clients it had in the best month in its history before the pandemic, in February 2020. Now the company faces a year with optimism in which it hopes to approach 20,000 subscribers. Already in 2021, a year still marked by the pandemic, it registered a profit of 1.5 million despite invoicing 13.9 million, 14.7% less than in 2019, for which reason the company’s management expects that this year be positive.

Help to the opening of its second gym in Tenerife, the first in the capital, Santa Cruz, in the second half of this year. The investment in this project will amount to 1.7 million euros and it will be the ninth Macro Fit gym. The chain will not stop its expansion here, as it is negotiating new openings and plans to open its tenth gym in early 2024. Functional Macro, the group’s own registered training brand, will have a prominent role in the chain’s new centers.

The recovery of members and income coincides with the year of the tenth anniversary of the gym brand, which has taken advantage of this event to renew its image. Lhe Canarian chain has presented a new logo with which it aspires to strengthen its brand. “This new logo marks a milestone in the history of Macro Fit. It represents our commitment to constantly evolve and offer the best”, explains José Calero, general director of Macro Fit.

The company will accompany this brand change, which maintains black, red and white, with some improvements in its centers. This year it has invested 400,000 euros in reforming and renovating the Castillo gym and it will expand the one in Puerto de Rosario, both in Las Palmas. Small reforms are also planned in the rest of the centers.

In the line of provision of services, Lude prevailed at the end of last year against Eulen in a contract valued at 3.5 million euros that includes a total of 61 sports centers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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