Malaika Arora prefers a fitness routine rooted in physical exercises like dancing and yoga

Malaika Arora is one of the few public figures who practices what she preaches–wellness and fitness. Her bold and unapologetic take on life has garnered appreciation and admiration from not only her closest buddies but the audience who has contributed to her fandom from her Chaiyya Chaiyya days. In the midst of all of this, she has carved out a niche for herself as a fitness enthusiast and her exercise regimen has a cult-like fan following especially from women who prefer a holistic and well-rounded workout over a goal-oriented regimen. Ahead, are some takeaways from her workouts. 

It’s in the twists and turns

Yoga stretches are Arora’s favourite and the benefits of yoga date back to years when the human race consisted of travelling nomads. Yoga holds an important symbolism in Indian culture and heritage and along with Ayurveda this duo is considered by many scholars as the holy grail to keep oneself healthy. The benefits of yoga poses and stretches include strengthening the spine, reducing stress, stimulating digestion and energising you. 

Dance it out

Dancing is a unique way to burn those calories and add cardio to one’s workout routine. If you are pressed for time and if you are a music enthusiast, create a playlist of all your favourite songs from different genres. You can find choreographies for these songs across all difficulty levels on the YouTube and Instagram pages of celebrities. Even better if you can create your own choreography, as this allows you to choose the difficulty level and stimulates you mentally as well. 

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Growing with your girls

Are you bored of your mundane workout routine? Then the perfect way out is to plan a challenging workout routine with your girlfriends that call for laughter and chatter. The energy in the air will spike up tenfold and so will your determination to complete your workout, because a little healthy competition didn’t hurt anybody. Even better if you can help each other improve on the mistakes, after all, women who help each other, grow together. 

Balancing the chakras

Chakras are 7 intangible energy centres in everyones body. Each chakra indicates different a bundle of nerves, organs and spiritual points that affect our physical and emotional well-being. For harmonising the body, mind and spirit all seven chakras need to be balanced, aligned and unblocked. Yoga poses aside, exercises like meditation for the crown chakra, swimming for the heart chakra, and dancing for the solar plexus chakra are ways of aligning, balancing and unblocking your chakras. 

Goof around and have fun

The false narrative around exercise being a serious activity is one that needs to change. As much as individuals need to focus while exercising, keeping it lighthearted will help you enjoy working out more. To have fun in the gym, recording and sharing your workouts are a sure-shot way to inspire others while tracking your own progress. Making quirky reels in the gym can be an interesting conversation starter and a way to interact with your fellow workout mates. 

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