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Maluma poses naked showing off his toned body

    Throughout the winter, celebrities have been in charge of raising the temperature with very sexy poses. If you’ve missed any of these posts, we remind you that Miguel Ángel Silvestre shared a shirtless video wearing only tight leggings, Chris Hemsworth showed us that he trained bare-chested, and André Lamoglia showed off his sexiest side by posing in underwear. In this compilation we could not forget about Maluma.

    The Colombian singer stars in the hottest poses on the networks with images that leave us speechless and he wanted to cheer us up on Sunday with three photos that have revolutionized all his followers. Maluma wanted to immortalize the moment in which he realized a nude dip in a pool, although he needed the help of the photographer to cover him up. This publication makes it clear that Maluma not only goes to the gym to pose, but also spends time training to get defined abs and toned arms.

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    “I almost can’t find a photographer 😈”, Maluma joked in the caption of the photo and in the comments section his fans have not hesitated to admit that they want to occupy this position for future occasions. Although probably the lucky one who will be behind the camera will be the singer’s girlfriend, Susana Gomez, who has portrayed him in the sexiest way, just as we saw that she did in Formentera. Two million “likes” accumulates the publication in less than 24 hours and has thousands of “little fire” emoticons.

    Gema López is a news, fashion and beauty editor.

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