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Maluma shows how he has achieved his impressive physical change in networks

    If we think of Sharpay Evans or the actress who plays her (Ashley Tisdale) we will surely wonder how she manages to be so impressive after so many years out of the East High Institute. And it is that it has always been played with the infinite beauty formula in many movies. Obviously, always without result, of course. That is why you always have to be 100% with the routine that best suits our physical and mental well-being. Maluma He knows it well and his latest publication is the obvious proof. he has taught your physical change in recent months and evolution has left us speechless. In addition, he has shared before and after photos and in all the photos, with or without a little tummy and showing defined abs, he looks great. We leave you others that she shared a few days ago to brighten your day in the meantime.

    We always try to find the best version in our lives. Getting the best grade we can in our exams, getting the best position at work (we leave you the best places to find it, ‘just in case’) and even making our Instagram feed the most showy and envied. We still remember when he came quarantine and we put hours and hours in loop videos to improve our physical appearance (or just to keep it).

    Maluma, the 29-year-old reggaeton player from ‘Borró Cassette’, has shared with his followers on Instagram some impressive photos of his physical change. In the first he appears as we saw him a few months ago and whose photos were criticized a lot on social networks (there is still so much to learn and become aware of) and, if we keep scrolling, her current body shape. Be that as it may, Maluma is always a ‘must’.


    maluma shirtless on instagram physical change


    AND the message he has launched has left us speechless. A message of improvement that the singer has taught his fans.

    Like many of you, I have also been in not very favorable places and positions, but the message here is that I decided to get out of there and become my best version (a long way to go) but I am still standing and letting my story motivate you to change yours!

    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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