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Mar Planas uses a solidarity method to achieve a perfect body

The Itzazo Fitness personal brand has as its essential premise to create community and joint motivation, but, at the same time, it makes a personal diet and an exclusive exercise table for each client

Summer is coming and people like to look good. show off the body on the beach, in the pool, at events and, the most privileged on the decks of a boat, without a doubt, he has a previous job. Get drop those extra pounds avoid excesses in food, but having a wide diet, without many restrictions, but balanced and accompanied by daily physical and sports exercises are plausible formulas to achieve the objectives.

But who can set those guidelines? Well, it’s obvious a good nutritionist and sports trainer. If we add, to that formula, a community of women who feed each other on their achievements, the result cannot be other than to achieve the goal set.

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and so it is how to have a great body It becomes a job that Itzazo Fitness takes very seriously. The Mar Planas sports and personal training brand It has become a revulsion for many women who have already used its methodology. In summary, this professional points to four steps that must be taken in any case that real, visible objectives are pursued and in a prudently short time. They are the following:

  1. Not based on training and information, but on the application of those theories In practice, a study or scientific evidence of results is useless to retain a data, but rather for your body to experience it.

  2. It is also essential to surrounded by women who have the same concerns, Therefore, sharing experiences and helping each other is very beneficial to achieve the objective.

  3. In this order, you also look for a balance between body and mind, feel good inside and out. Empower yourself and own your self-esteem.

  4. And fourth, do it accompanied by the best professionals, because only in this way are empowered and endorsed objectives achieved. That the nutritionist and personal trainer does personalized work is the reason for being that most influences clients to achieve satisfactory goals.

Only three months are needed to achieve a good figure

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Daily training, adjusted to a balanced and healthy diet, according to the individual needs of each client, without a doubt, is the fitness training plan for women more effective and that in only 90 days it can give very good results. What has to prevail is, on the one hand, the commitment of the person and, on the other, the follow-up that Mar Planas will do on each of these steps.

The fact of not feel alone and isolated It has been shown that it helps motivation, for that reason, in Itzazo Fitness have raised the idea that forming a group of women, a female network that supports each other and encourage yourself to get results it is very motivating.

It is yet another formula that has been applied and that, of course, is giving some magnificent results. Next to the customization of each training table, each exercise and each meal, That support network is very helpful.

In short, with Mar Planas and her personal brand Itzazo Fitness, getting a good body and increasing self-esteem are more than guaranteed, as demonstrated by many of their clients in the contributions they make with their opinions to the methods used and the results obtained from them. Because The goal is to gradually and healthy achieve the perfect body, but without giving up taking care of health and other aspects, such as the emotional.

For all these reasons, in the firm there are packages or kit, additional, that improve the guidelines, among other things, of food, training or to avoid unnecessary pain when exercises are done or become chronic, all to help a person’s global well-being.

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