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Marketing Sascha Fitness products is illegal because it does not have a sanitary registry: Invima

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima,
launched a new health alert; this time, about the products sold by the renowned healthy lifestyle influencer Sascha Fitness.

Sascha Fitness products consist of a line of dietary supplements that, reported the Invima, they do not have a sanitary registry; that is, the commercialization is illegal in the country.

They are products that are sold as dietary supplements with supposed nhigh protein levels and a combination of four different components (4:11 BCAA, glutamine, HMB, HICA and L-carnitine) for the increase, decrease or maintenance of muscle mass, improvement of the immune system, increased energy levels and support fat loss and improved body composition. They are sold on the web in the official commercial platform Sascha Fitness Colombia

“They are considered fraudulent. These products do not have current sanitary registration to date, so they have not been evaluated in aspects of quality, safety and efficacy, representing a risk to the health of consumers. Additionally, they are unknown relevant aspects such as its composition (quali-quantitative formula) and storage, transport and distribution conditions”, reported the invima.

The recommendations given by the institution is to refrain from purchasing products under the BCAA – SASCHA FITNE brand.SS COLOMBIA with the characteristics previously described. Do not buy medicines or dietary supplements without a current health registration, since these products may contain ingredients that put your health at risk. And if you are consuming the products that are the reason for this alert, immediately stop their use, inform Invima or health authorities where said product is marketed and if you have registered any adverse effects associated with its consumption.

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