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Marta Sánchez (57) and the wave of criticism for an “excessive use of filters”

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  • Marta Sánchez does not need introductions. Shouting ‘Desesperada’, the singer-songwriter has managed (and manages to) remove the music scene. However, on this occasion, it has not been his undeniable musical talent that has favored his name appearing in conversations or, even, get to occupy the covers. No, rather, it was his last publication on networks. Specifically, on Instagram.

    Because although it is true that not long ago, Marta Sánchez managed to leave us speechless with a most spectacular pose at 56 years of age where, in addition, she shared with us an ideal swimsuit to reduce the waist, now, she has achieved that the compliments of said publication have adopted a totally opposite facet under the question of: “Who is it?”

    Along with Nacho Cano on stage, Marta Sánchez shared some snapshots of her last concert. some shotsin appearance, quite casual which, however, have aroused the outrage of some users. And it is that, as some of his followers have pointed out in the publication, the singer looks completely unrecognizable, indicating excessive use of filters. “Marta, you don’t need to use such an artificial filter (…) you’re beautiful, you don’t need it”, “I thought it wasn’t Marta…”, “She is unrecognizable”are some of the examples of the comments that their stunned followers have left in said publication.

    Marta Sánchez looks, in the words of her followers, “unrecognizable”

    Although it is true that a few days ago Lana del Rey received an unnecessary wave of criticism for her physical change and, like her, Rosa López or Madame de Rosa, about Marta Sánchezdespite being similar, is completely opposite.

    His followers do not point out that he has changed the number on the scale or the size of his clothes (which, if that had been the case, what problem could there be? -, but rather qualify the message he emits with those photographs in whichpoint out, has used filters. At a time when famous faces become a benchmark for the new (and not so new) generations, what message is being transmitted with the supposed use of filters in these? What is natural to look younger at 56 than when you were 30? What problem does having wrinkles or gray hair cause when you are healthy? This is what it looked like a few weeks ago:

    Europe Press Entertainment//Getty Images

    Filters or photographic retouching, regardless of whether they are excessive or not, show a totally unbelievable scenario that, despite being unreal, it can send a most harmful message; Teaches you that it’s “normal” to look like this. A crude deception that could have quite negative consequences both for the audience and for itself. And that, furthermore, if it were true could tear down the foundations of body positive to which many celebrities have joined showing their real bodies.

    And that, in this supposed case, they have contributed to making the followers of Marta Sánchez wonder why. The compliments towards the singer and her incredible “natural” physique have not ceased to be repeated in the few hours that the publication has been uploaded, but, likewise, also there are others wondering and questioning what exercises, what routines and what had he eaten to look like this.

    Comments that, likewise, are answered by others who, in some cases (not to say the vast majority), recommend carrying out certain practices that, yes, they are very dangerous, not only because they can incite, among other things, an eating disorder, but because something is being positioned as a target that, we qualified, “could” be unreal.

    Remember: expression lines (more now with the retinol ban that has been struck down by the European Union) or gray hair, recovering the powerful message of Salma Hayek are essential. Let’s advocate and embrace the naturalness of these, let’s stop thinking that they are something negative as women have been led to believe from an early age. Let’s be natural and send a message that does not encourage harmful practices or messages.

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