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Matías, the fitness and little-known brother of Sol Pérez

Sol Perez He is one of the most popular personalities in the country and the thousands of followers on his Instagram account prove it. Her love for sports and a healthy lifestyle is also well known among her fans, but the detail that perhaps many do not know is that the former weather girl has a brother and is very similar to her: matias perez.

Sol Pérez has a brother who is very similar to her in his lifestyle. / Photo: Instagram Photo: Sol Pérez

Sol Pérez’s brother is just as fond of fitness as she is, and every time they share collaborations on social media, Instagram explodes. On more than one occasion, the model has trained with him and has shown that physical fitness runs in the family.

Sol Pérez with his brother Matías. Photo: Instagram

Who is Matías, the brother of Sol Pérez

Despite not being so well known due to the fact that he is Sol Pérez’s brother, Matías is quite popular on social networks, especially on Instagram, where almost 35,000 people follow him.

He is Matías, the brother of Sol Pérez. Photo: Instagram

Through his official profile, the model’s brother shares information about his training and routines for both his face-to-face students and those who take distance classes. Besides, Like Sol Pérez, he is concerned with promoting discipline in physical activity.

As expected, Matías is quite the figure and also proudly displays his own family. He has a partner and a daughter. Regarding his professional life, the brother of the former weather girl enjoys his role as a personal trainer.

Sol Pérez with his brother. Photo: Instagram

Another aspect that Sol and Matías share is the habit of sharing their recipes on social networks, either through publications or stories. Just like Pérez, who often posts videos to teach his followers how to eat healthy, Matías shares clear photos to show that you don’t need to follow an extremely strict regimen to stay healthy.

Sol Pérez is very close to her family. Photo: Instagram

However, Matías is not the only brother that Sol has, she also has a younger brother named Manuel, who shares the same interest in sports as Matías and Sol.. In fact, he even went so far as to study part of the Physical Education teaching career (although he did not complete it) and had experience as a professional soccer player. However, he discovered that his true passion was singing and music.

Sol Pérez with his two brothers. Photo: Twitter

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