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Mental Wellness Wednesday | Tips to deal with stress

We all experience stress. Here is a science-based way to deal with stress: Positive reappraisal

Appraisal: Your interpretation of how something impacts you

Positive reappraisal: Revising your first response to think about a stressful event in a more positive way.

Dr. Tracy Alloway created an acronym to help us do this: NBD


When stressed, distract yourself by doing something NOVEL. Why it works: Your mind/body creates a feedback loop. You can change behavior by changing what you focus on. Novelty activates dopamine (feel-good neurotransmitter). This results in better mood, lower perceived stress; and even more creative ways to deal with stress.


Scientific studies show that blinking can actually change your perception of time. One researcher referred to it as a “Brief pause from reality” Be intentional – close your eyes for 3 seconds for a quick reset.


Direct your thinking to the future. What is a positive outcome of this stress? (Ex: Better prepared for a job interview/presentation, etc)

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