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Mercadona conquers fitness influencers with its fresh peeled and cut potatoes

He Mercadona packaged fried egg He gave a lot to talk about on social networks. Now, the supermarket chain has launched some fresh potatoes already peeled and cut who have conquered the influencers of the fitness.

“We have a choice. easy, fast And simple to consume a source of carbohydrates complex, delicious and super nutritious”, writes in instagram the dietician Diego Gularte.

Cut and peeled potatoes from Mercadona / CG

Another product for lazy people?

“Yes, it’s always going to be better to cut it ourselves and cook it, but for busy days it’s a brutal option,” says Gularte about the new product from the Juan Roig chain. This sack of potatoes costs 1.45 eurocontains a quantity for 2 people and can be cooked in a pan, oven or air fryer.

Although the product has been liked by some influencers specialized in fitness, others such as @healthymiguel they wonder if it is really necessary to have this type of “lazy” products that come already cut and prepared.

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