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Millie Bobby Brown’s steel abdomen stars in her engagement party

Surely thinking about Millie Bobby Brownthe music from Stranger Things starts playing in your mind. The actress who rose to fame about seven years ago playing one of the leading roles in that supernatural-themed Netflix production has not ceased silence (to us and her followers) with the physical form that has been acquiring in recent years.

You just have to remember how in one of his latest posts on Instagram, where you could see his impressive toned abs, came to accumulate more than seven million likes. A finding that a few hours ago could repeat. Because yes, the acclaimed actress who shares her new tattoos (and her meanings) on her networks or who even launched to create one of the most colorful Converse collections, has also shared with her community her commitment.

A new one to which, recently, has been added how his engagement party has been. A celebration where, with a set of crop top and high-waisted skirt, the strong abdomen of the actress Millie Bobby Brown was completely in sight. One that has encouraged flattery and emojis on fire, pointing out Millie’s amazing absmonopolize the comment box.

Millie Bobby Brown’s impressive steel belly

When it comes to eliminating lower abdominal fat or simply begin to tone and define the belly (following the recommendations of an expert) training systems based on tabatas, HIIT, functional or strength training, routines where engage as many muscle groups as possiblethey are essential.

Although, as we always like to emphasize, follow a good diet paying attention to the guidelines of nutritionists or experts, it is essential.

In the case of Millie Bobby Brown, the definition of the abdomen of the snapshot falls on their dance practice and, of course, on their high intensity level training full body. Routines that, due to his different roles, he has been adopting and sharing with his followers. And yes, boxing (like Becky G, Lidia Torrent or Maggie Civantos who recently joined boxing) is not missing from her routines either.

And it is that commitment to the disciplines added to his passion for staying in shape that has encouraged her belly to look so toned as in this photograph.

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Marina Vázquez is a writer, an expert in nutrition, mental health and healthy living. There is no recipe that resists it, even more so since the arrival of the air fryer to your kitchen which allows you to cook and make healthier recipes. Now, although finding ideas for healthy desserts that sweeten his day is one of his passions, style is not far behind.

Journalist from the Complutense University of Madrid, throughout his career he has been part of multiple headlines on more lifestyle themes such as Marie Claire or Vanitatis where, among other tasks, he has been in charge of writing the latest trends seen in the street style.

He does not miss the latest training sessions of celebrities such as Rosalía, Georgina Rodríguez or Penélope Cruz. Well, before defined arms, firm legs or a toned abdomen, there she is to find out about the exercises that put celebrities in shape.

Marina Vázquez is one of those who does not resist trying a new cosmetic, who snacks seasons in an afternoon and who is always in a hurry to add another series to the routine, but they arrive on time.

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